Organic hair color


                                              Herbatint  Hair Color Gel


The Herbatint organic hair color is a magnificent product for hair as it has both a plethora of color ranges to choose from in regards to which is compatible with your hair; some color examples being blonde, brown, chestnut, copper chestnut, black, etc. And furthermore, it is made with the most essential of natural ingredients to ensure no damage or harm to the condition of hair. All the ingredients itself are bio degradable as well as compatible with the ozone level of the earth. It contains no amount of ammonia and a low amount of peroxide to result hair achieving that rejuvenating glow with iridescent colors as well as maintain its natural aura. Its colors are in fact, not color additives but are actual derivatives from the essence of its natural ingredients.



Because of the limitless variation of natural colors it comes in as well as protecting and enhancing the condition of hair itself, this hair color is regarded to be the best organic hair color.


Elements used to make the Organic hair dye:

Herbatint organic hair dye ensures the usage of minimum pharmaceutical chemical elements it’s constituents and harness the usage of a plethora of vegetal extracts with, when combined together, results the hair in a brilliant glow and pigmentation of natural color whilst maintain the natural essence of the hair. The formulation of the mixture including herbal extracts includes the constituents of rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk gently deposited to create this vivacious organic hair color.


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  1. 60 million customers, France’s leading consumer testing organization, 15 mass market and 3 natural brands have assimilated that Herbatint is the only hair color available that protects hair and is devoid of harmful chemicals such as carcinogens and toxins.
  2. Habitant’s manufacturing company has been previously reputed as the leading company in terms of producing top quality herbal hair products.
  3. Herbatint results your hair to have a touch of youth with its vibrant and natural colors.
  4. This non-ammonia hair color permanently colors hair without causing any sort of detriment whatsoever.



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