Laser hair growth

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System – FDA Cleared Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women


The iRestore is a FDA-cleared medical device that uses modern technology and regenerates hair growth of men and women who are suffering from excessive hair loss. It is a Laser helmet that uses regrowth light therapy. Its pain-free red light therapy helps for laser hair growth from the hair follicles which lay dormant inside scalp. This effective medical device implements clinical-strength laser technology to treat

  • Thinning hair,
  • Receding hairline and
  • Balding

     Why  will you use iRestore Laser device? 

  • This Low-level laser therapy has been clinically proven to stimulate immense hair growth
  • iRestore is adamantly chemical free and has no recorded negative effects on the users whatsoever.
  • iRestore is a must-have for anyone who wants to grow more hair or improve hair volume.
  • It is easy to use and you can do any type of work wearing this laser helmet.
  • Users see the regrowth of lost hair in about 12 weeks of usage
  • This device has been well designed to suit all the requirements of a user; durable, lightweight and can be carried anywhere.


A high quality device

iRestore is produced optimally with the vigorous and sustainable combination of durability, compactness and resistance. This device is fabricated by GMP-certified partner through manufacturing processes that meet the highest ISO standards and certified  by Intertek Testing Services.

Uncomplicated and safe hair treatment at home

iRestore is the exemplary specimen of the modern advancements in            hair technology, as it  is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and   durable. The upgraded and tremendously modernized feature allows the user to go about their day undisturbed and with the comfort of no complication because of the device whatsoever. iRestore provides a safe, drug-free way to experience the rejuvenation of hair regrowth at the comfort of your own home without facing the bludgeoned negative effects. Although individual results may vary, you can expect to see visible growth in as little as 3 to 6 months.

 How iRestore works

The experts have been effectively used the optimal caliber wavelength like 160 red light in order to promote a faster and higher hair growth spectrum. The 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs that empower the radiation of high energy light is absorbed by the hair in order to heighten the speed of metabolism and amplify the energy increase, a process that energizes hair follicles and stimulates rapid hair growth. Although iRestore can be used only, physicians often recommend laser therapy to be used along with other solutions like hair growth shampoo or supplements to alleviate growth for quick results.

Blow dry spray

                                Kenra blow dry spray to protect hair

Blow drying your hair in the prospects of efficient drying is a much more advantageous, but the damage it causes is indispensable. Blow dry spray can save hair from heat damage. Kenra platinum blow dry spray woks best to blow dry hair with its advanced heat protective technology.

In the vigorous pace of this postmodern world, blow drying hair is a quintessential element in order to style hair with fast pace and immense efficiency, but it severely deteriorates quality of hair with every single use, a commotion that we were unaware of until today.

Blow drying is known to damage hair tremendously because it subjects the hair to a fundamental transition which results the follicles to be disrupted and also put the scalp in immense pressure.



when you’re blow drying your hair, it is not only the moisture that you are drying out from the hair strands, but you are also depriving the hair scalp of its essential moisture and oils, which hinders the growth, development and maintenance of hair.

This causes an awful effect on hair:

  • Water present at the hair fiber can heat up which would change it into steam, which may cause damage to hair.
  • The heat can strips the scalp of moisture and would deter the condition of hair.

It is made apparent to people who have even the rudimental understanding of hair functionalities that heat would irrevocably cause damage to hair. But in addition to that, blow drying causes ‘flash drying’. This procession takes place when not only the excess water from the hair follicle is dried off, the moisture that is required to be present in the surface of the follicle, which is called water of hydration, is also bereft from the hair. This causes the continuous weakening of hair and causes brittle rigid hair over time.

There is a suitable solution that protect hair from damage while blow drying hair. Use Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray before blow dry to protect your hair.


Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray


Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray is a useful thing for its efficiency and versatility. Not only does it colossally decrease drying time, but it also has advanced heat protective mechanisms which significantly decreases the damage done to hair during the heating procedure.

Kenra platinum blow dry spray - Organic hair products

Its speciality:

    •  Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray decreases drying time to a complete 50%, meaning the whole process is completed in half the time.
    • This blow dry spray provides tremendous protection from heat and damage with the help of its advanced heat protective technology.
    • It’s lightweight upgraded technology allows your hair to look much more smooth, voluminous and detangled at the end of the process.
    • This hair friendly product eradicates any form of frizz and resists to the leering presence of humidity from hair.
    •  Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray provides improved results of a much higher longevity.

Customer’s Opinion

After the purchase of this product, people have left their reviews of this product in various websites. Here, some popular reviews are accumulated for easier accessibility and comprehension of the product.

  1. The results I’ve gotten with blow dry spray is very assertive and very prominent. It has significantly reduced drying time and has a divine fragrance to it.
  2. This wonderful product eliminates frizz even in the most arduous of humidity.
  3. This lightweight product is the best experience I’ve ever had with blow-drying. It has transformed the structure of my hair to a much smoother and sleeker texture. It is portable and I can carry it anywhere. It works very fast and efficiently and significant changes are very noticeable in my hair right now.


Hair Color Remover

  1. Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Strength:

Color Oops Extra Strength is the safest and most effective way to remove an unwanted hair color application.  Color Oops corrects hair color by shrinking the dye molecules in just 20 minutes. It is bleach free and ammonia free. Color Oops will not have the damaging effects of bleach or ammonia based products. Color Oops Extra Strength takes you your hair to its natural color back to your lightest shade. If the artificial hair color applied is darker than your natural shade, it will return your hair to its natural color.   If the artificial hair color applied is lighter than your natural color , ultimately your hair will be the chemically lightened color.

      Its specialty:

  1. Color Oops Extra Strength is so gentle that you can recolor hair the same day
  2. Safely removes permanent and semi-permanent hair color.
  3. Conditions during process to protect fragile hair
  4. Takes only 20 minutes
  5. Ammonia free and bleach free

      2. L’Oreal Paris Colorist Secrets Hair color Remover:


L’Oreal Paris Colorist Secrets haircolor is a very reliable product for those who frequently needs to change hair color. This haircolor Remover corrects color mistakes, leaving hair ready to re-color. This exclusive formula is specially formulated to work on permanent haircolor, even salon color.

      Its Speciality:

  1. It leaves your hair immediately ready to re-color with a new shade.
  2. It is a product from very reputed brand, so obviously very high quality product.
  3. It does not do any harm to hair

      3. Color B4 Hair Color Remover Extra Strength

Color B4  hair color is an ideal product for the removal of multiple color applications or unwanted shades like Dark Tones and Color Build Up. It has the capability to remove  the color pigments properly. Color B4 shrinks the artificial color molecules in the hair and enables you to simply wash them away. Color B4 does not act on your natural hair pigment, so your natural hair color  lays beneath your artificial shade. It will turn your hair into its natural color, if the artificial hair color applied is darker than your natural level.

      Its speciality:

  1. Colour B4 is formulated to work successfully removing permanent colour in 20 minutes.
  2. It removes permanent, semi-permanent hair colour and colour build up.
  3. Can be used before any colour or salon treatment.
  4. Allows you to re-color immediately.

       4. Roux Clean Touch Hair Color Stain Remover:

ROUX Clean Touch Stain Remover is an essential thing while removing  hair color. It removes color from skin and scalp to eliminate staining gently. It assists in removing hair color stains from clothes. It also removes color from skin and excess color build-up on porous ends. It easy to use simply apply to skin area or ends of hair and rinse hair.

     Its speciality:

  1. It makes your hair ready to re-color with a new shade.
  2. . It has the capability to remove the color pigments perfectly.

Best organic conditioner for dry and damaged hair

Silk18  Natural  Hair Conditioner – Safe for Color Treated Hair


Silk18 Natural organic Conditioner is the ultimate epitome in the domain of hair care products. It is an absolute essential to ensure the maximum results on hair. Not only is this magnificent products made by the essence of nature, but it has been articulated by immense precision to bring upon 18 different kinds of silk amino acids. This product is very potent in terms of results on hair. It is 100% organic and does not contain any chemical that could potentially bring forth detriment to your hair. It is regarded as the best organic conditioner for dry and damaged hair.  It’s brilliant formula results in the nutrients penetrating the hair and replenishing its deprived nutrients and repairing the damage This results the hair to be a magnificent mane; exhibiting the silkiest and smoothest of hair.


Best organic conditioner for dry and damaged hair 

What natural ingredients does it contain?

The enriched formula created for this magnificent conditioner is unique and articulated; it is created in absolute synergy of high potent conditioning agents, the precision to which it benefits with the maximum results.  It is made with the blend of 18 different silk amino acids which results in a resplendent silky smoothness for a high longevity whereas other potent organic essences such as jojoba and Argan oil fortifies hair and makes it more resistant to damage. And it is also enriched with botanically extracted keratin to replenish low keratin levels in hair; which could often be the cause of friziness.



  • Silk 18 is an incredible blend of outstanding ingredients extracted from the purest of nature to ensure the maximum result on hair. This conditioner work vigorously on the hair to repair the damage produced by several factors and it also penetrates into the roots to nourish the scalp and provide it with the essential ingredients to replenish the moisture and harness good condition of hair for much higher longevity.
  • Because of its enriched natural ingredients, it replenishes the low keratin levels; resulting hair to reduce its frizziness. And because of its absolutely brilliant formula it results all the different variations of hair, may it be frizzy or unmanageable, to retain moisture and keratin, resulting it to be silky smooth and soft. It is also safe for color treated hair as it is sulfate free.
  • Contains the brilliant blend of various highly potent conditioning agents that harness and retain the silky smooth condition of hair; enriched with 18 different silk amino acids to result in the maximum level of smooth and silkiness achieved on hair.
  • It is made of the purest of essence of nature. It is sulfate free and artificial flavoring free. Its fragrance is of a naturally harnessed light vanilla that appeals to both men and women. It is cruelty free as well.
  • Shampoo has the only meager job of rinsing the hair; conditioning is as essential a requirement as rinsing. This, Silk 18 conditioner provides hair the essential nutrients and support to transcend hair to an epithelial state of beauty and splendor.


  Customers’ opinion:

Customers who have previously used this product have left their opinions regarding it on the internet. Here accumulated are such results, to prove the efficiency and authenticity of the product itself.


  1. Ladies with curls; this is our final calling:

This product has resulted in an absolute miracle for me and my hair. I naturally have very course and frizzy hair, and naturally, my hair wasn’t manageable for longer period of time. No product really gave me the results I desired. This product however, has completely transformed my hair. Not only did it provide the silky smoothness it promised, but also made my hair progressively healthier and less frizzy


  1. Great Natural conditioner:

This conditioner is one of the best. It made my hair very soft, smooth and silky. This organic conditioner also has a mild special smell. It is not very strong or artificial. I bought the product three times already. I am in love with the wonderful performance of this conditioner


  1. Excellent product:

First Is the factor of smell; it provides a gentle fragrant essence of vanilla with a slight undertone of almond. Alongside with that, because of the gentleness and mildness of the product, the smell is not nauseating. Also, this product has done nothing but wonders for my hair. This is a hands down better and cheaper product than any expensive conditioner in the store

Secondly there is the quality. This product is absolutely brilliant. It requires no effort at all; I put it on when I shave (takes about two minutes) an it provides me with the best results an transforms my hair to soft shiny incandescent tresses.

Third, It is the, almost outwardly, quality of being a leave in conditioner. Although it would be recommended with ladies and gents with thin hair to not use it as a leave in conditioner, as it can get too heavy. When I used it as a leave in conditioner, it was very easily manageable and gave me no trouble at all.

Fourth, it does help my hair feel different–in a good way!


  1. 3B/3C Curly Girl’s Best Friend:

This product completely changed my hair’s natural curliness and fizziness right after the first use and left it feeling soft and shiny.

My hair itself, on top of being curly, is usually dehydrated. That is why it is so unmanageable. Whenever I’m in the shower, even after applying a conditioner, my hair was a detangled mess. It took me indeterminable time just to detangle it and try in vain to bring it to some kind of structure. But after using Silk 18 hair conditioner, the condition of my hair completely transformed. I finally got the curls I’ve been waiting for all my life. Firstly, it did not require any effort whatsoever to detangle. Also, my hair became soft and smooth in texture and had developed a nice bounce to its shape. I’m getting complements for my hair frequently now. I love this product


  1. Awesome product:

This is an outstanding product. It makes my hair look very soft and smooth to feel right after the first wash. And it maintains the smoothness and silkiness all throughout the day.

Coconut Oil Benefits to Hair

Coconut oil is in itself an exemplary specimen amongst hair enhancing products. Its potency has no limits and can essentially, work wonder for one’s hair. It’s enriched with essential natural and botanical ingredients, extracted from inside part of coconut using organic method such as cold pressing. It results  purity and effectiveness. Not only does it provide a shiny attractive luster to the surface of the hair, but its operations dig much deeper to the roots.


Coconut Oil Benefits to Hair


It penetrates much deeper within the roots of the hair and nourishes it thoroughly by providing hair with all its essential nutrients. Because it is comprised mainly of smaller medium-chain fatty acids, the oil of the coconut penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners.  Coconut oil is used  as a leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturize your scalp and it adds a healthy glow to your tresses. Furthermore, massaging the hair oil leads to a thorough generation of blood flow and also a proper hydration that the hair ardently requires.

Coconut Oil Benefits to Hair

Coconut oil nourishes hair.

7 ways coconut oil can save your hair:


  1. Hair Conditioning:

Coconut oil does not only penetrate into the roots of the hair to generate further nourished hair, but it also enhances the condition of the hair at its current disposition.  As it is massaged to the hair, it acts its potency on the surface, or the cuticle of the hair and revitalize it completely; it smoothens and strengthens it. Because it is comprised mainly of smaller medium-chain fatty acids, the oil of the coconut penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners.  To use coconut oil as a leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturize your scalp, and add a luster to your hair, thus resulting smooth silky resplendent locks of hair after the wash.


  1. Protect hair from damage:

Continuous usage of hair drying and heating products along with many additional factors of the environment may have a harsh and detrimental effect on hair. Environmental factors, such as strong sun, temperature variations and changes in air humidity damage the hair cuticle. Because of this the hair changes its properties, it loses its shine and suppleness, becomes dry & brittle and in some cases its strength is impaired. The hair is mostly damaged by chemical and thermal processes and by excessive use of hair-styling products. Coconut hair oil nourishes hair from the very root and provides protection and progressive ascension to the general quality of air and makes it immune to such detrimental factors. It provides plethora of hydration and nutrients, so hair is not affected by damaging factors.


  1.  Detangle hair:

Hair is essentially more prone to being in a state of intense tangles than it is anything else. And because of being a daily and mundane problem, it isn’t handled with care and efficiency. And to speed up the process, hair is often pulled or strained against the comb. This may lead to immense hair loss amongst people as well as the condition of hair to progressively weaken. Coconut hair oil not only strengthens the scalp of hair, to immune itself from tearing apart that easily; but also transforms the condition of hair from tangled and rough to detangled and smooth as silk. So handling and managing hair becomes a much more easy and pleasant ordeal.


  1.  Hair growth:

Coconut oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids. It nourishes hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Use coconut oil as a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster.  The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. The sebum build up in the hair follicles restricts the growth of hair to a certain extent. And as coconut oil removes the existence of sebum and thoroughly nourishes hair, hair then can grow and flourish to its absolute extent.


  1.  Dandruff:

Dandruff itself has become an intense blooming problem amongst many people. Everybody desperately seeks for a solution to get rid of dandruff. An easy solution is again, the versatile coconut oil. If long-time use of chemical shampoos, conditioners, styling products, or colorants has left you with itchy, flaky, dandruff – you can use coconut oil to heal your scalp. As coconut oil is not only a hair nourishing instrument, it is also a hair cleanser; it cleanses hair off of all the dirt and grime as well as the presence of dandruff.



The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil for hair is effective to fight against candida that spreads on scalp.


    7.Sun damage:

Coconut oil makes an excellent all natural sunscreen.  More specifically in the morning – especially on a day when you know that your hair will be exposed to the elements more than usual. Because of the healing and nourishing properties of coconut oil, it creates an impenetrable boundary between the sun and hair cuticles and scalp to prevent any damage.

Coconut oil has been widely reputed for its brilliant performance in terms of enhancing the quality of hair. People all over the world use it frequently to maintain a fantastic condition of hair. Although, many questions haven risen and arise everyday regarding the function an authenticity of coconut hair oil. Some information regarding these frequently asked questions are given below.


1.Is virgin coconut oil good for your hair?

Coconut oil nourishes hair as well as boosts hair growth. It facilitates magnificently in the process of hair growth. As well as the present essential vitamins and fatty acids cleanse the scalp thoroughly and prevent sebum build up in the scalp which may detriment the procession of hair growth. The essential vitamins and nutrients penetrate deep into the scalp and nourish each and every hair follicles which its enriched nutrients. Thus, the highly nourished follicle is the encouraged to surpass its velocity to which it grows, resulting longer hair achieved in less amount of time.


2.How long do you need to keep coconut oil in your hair?

You can use coconut oil  for sharpened treatment and thorough conditioning for your hair. Coconut oil can be easily washed away once hair itself is washed. Therefore,  You can massage coconut oil in scalp  for minimum 10 minutes. But it is highly recommended to keep for 30 to 40 minutes. That would initially result in a much thorough and deep cleanse and conditioning.


3. What can you mix with coconut oil to get smooth hair?

People use coconut oil in natural hair recipe to cleanse and moisturize. Mix with lavender oil, tea tree oil and raw honey for best results.

  • In a bowl, mix equal amount of coconut oil and raw honey oil.
  • Heat it in the stove or oven for it to become warm and work more efficiently.
  • Mix the solution thoroughly and apply to scalp; wrap around in a shower cap and wait for 40 minutes.
  • Rinse hair gently with warm water; wash hair with natural shampoo thoroughly and gently towel dry.
  • Repeat this procedure at least 2 times a week.


4. Is coconut oil good for hair and scalp?

As a moisturizer, coconut oil can help strengthen hair while helping hair to retain moisture. It stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles. Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair. It adds luster, shine and softness to the hair. This oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length. Coconut oil slows down hair loss.


5. How do you use coconut oil on your hair?

Massage the coconut oil thoroughly. Make sure the coconut oil is even distributed throughout the hair. Longer hair may require an additional amount of coconut oil. You can apply coconut oil in damp hair as then to smoothly distribute all throughout the hair.

Keep hair oil for 20 to 30 minutes and if possible, overnight. And then gently rinse hair with natural shampoo and celebrate the outstanding results provided by the hair oil.


6. Do you apply coconut oil to wet or dry hair?

You can apply coconut oil  in both hair conditions but it will be better to use in a slightly damp condition. Slight moisture in the hair can make hair smoother and an help equalize the distribution of coconut oil all throughout the hair.


7. What kind of coconut oil should you use on your hair?

You should use completely pure coconut oil.It  ensures no detriments towards the skin or hair. Thus, the oil must always be virgin and unrefined to ensure the best results.


8. Is coconut oil good for your hair growth?

Coconut oil possesses various nutrients and vitamins which are essential for hair growth. Hair, in its mundane condition is dry and brittle and devoid of moisture. Coconut oil registers the amount of moisture in the hair follicles, which is essential and promotes hair growth. Furthermore, it’s essential vitamins and fatty acids to prevent sebum build up in the scalp which may result in an obstruction to hair growth. As well as, once hair oil is massaged in the scalp, it generates immense blood circulation, another key element for hair growth.

Take Care Color treated Hair


Coloring is, as always, an intriguing topic in terms of hair fashion. It can accentuate someone’s feature or style or give them a completely different and rejuvenated look itself. It is also used as a cover up for greying hair. Although, this intriguing notion has a disadvantage too.  Chemicals which are used to alter the color and structure of hair are bound to bring more detriments to hair and its condition. It can make it damaged, frizzy and brittle. Although, scientists have thoroughly researched on this concept and has come up with methods to harness a fortified hair condition whilst alternating and flaunting beautiful hair colors. A wonderful shampoo, conditioner and hair musk set is mentioned here to take care  color treated hair for customer’s convenience.

What should you do to retain hair color?

The procession of coloring hair is often detrimental; resulting hair to be dry, brittle and damaged. Although, once correct procedures and pretense is ensued, Hair can be colored to an absolute resplendence and vibrancy without deteriorating its conditions. Color treated hair can be easily maintained by these simple procedures:

  1. Make your hair ready for hair color:

The beginning of the hair color process should be taken minimum two months in advance. Hair requires be sufficiently nourished and hydrated to endure and survive damage. That is why hair should be oiled and hair masks should be arranged at a regular frequency many months in advance. Remember, the more the hair is nourished and hydrated, the less damage it is going to inflict upon the hair after bleaching and coloring. Hair first requires to be bleached before it is colored. It is recommended to bleach hair the day before it is colored. Also, cold pressed coconut oil should be applied to the shaft of the bleached hair the night before coloring. That reduces the damage the coloring is going to inflict upon to an immense extent.

  1. Choose the appropriate hair color:

When you do decide to finally color your hair, the absolute goal is to pick a good, comparatively safe hair color that would bring forth minimum damage to the hair and it’s structure and condition. So it is highly recommended to choose a hair color that is free of harsh chemicals such as ammonia.

  1. Take time for Shampoo after hair color:

After hair is essentially colored, it is crucial that hair gets a time period of at least two days before it is washed. That would ensure that the color has been properly set upon the strand of hair. And letting it set for a higher period of time would minimize the possibility of color bleeding.  It is recommended that oil should be applied before the hair is washed. As the oil itself would form a fortified protective layer on the shaft of the hair to prevent the color from fading.

  1. Rinse with Cool Water:

Washing hair with hot water damages the hair and makes it brittle as high temperature causes the outer cuticle of hair to be exposed. That would result hair to be exposed to more damage and essentially, color bleeding. That requires to be prevented at all costs. Cool water In fact, seals the cuticles shut and provides a protective layer upon it. This procedure controls the frizz and ensured the color to be safely protected in the shaft.


  1. Use color-enhancing hair products:

Many organic products, made purely by the essence of nature and devoid of ammonia, protect the color from fading away and also exhibit the color in a much more vibrant resplendent manner. To achieve the maximum results from the coloring of hair, it is essential to use these products on hair.

  1. Do not use shampoo too often:

Rinsing hair would result in the color fading, as a procedure of rinsing hair is to remove the excess of materials from hair. That is why shampooing to often is strictly prohibited. Alongside that, clarifying shampoo is said to be avoided, because it strips the hair of its dyed pigments and leads to a much rapid color fading.

  1. Use conditioner:

Use conditioner every time you shampoo, and don’t rinse it out until the end of your shower – the steam will help the conditioner infiltrate profounder into your hair. Enclose your new color by applying leave-in conditioner and sleeping with hair wrapped, and try a hot-oil deep conditioner once a week to keep hair lax and limber.


While most chemical free color protecting shampoos are most suitable and appropriate for warm toned colors, it is recommended to opt for a sulfate free color shampoo is chosen a cooler shade. A sulphate free shampoo is an absolutely indispensible in this notion, as it does not extract the natural oils from hair, alter the structure of positioning of hair or add other harmful chemicals to the blend. Sulphate free shampoo rinses hair to its highest potential alongside does not fade the hair color.

Below mentioned is an effective sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that is highly recommended for color treated hair.


Arvazallia color care Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner Hair Mask:


Arvazallia color care Shampoo and Conditioner- Organic hair products

Arvazallia Advanced Color Care System with Argan Oil and Macadamia oil is itself a high quality premium sulphate free shampoo and conditioner designed with upgraded technology to ensure the proper hair care of color treated hair. It assures the essentials required for color treated hair. It provides a thorough and complete cleanse to hair whilst ensuring that the color pigments are not stripped off or that other harmful chemicals are acting upon the hair. This intricate 3-part system is meticulously formulated of sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning hair mask; this whole procession, when used altogether, will do absolute wonders for hair. It would ensure high color longevity and add an essence of incandescence to hair. That would provide a look with the strong essence of life and potent vibrancy glimmering through each and every strand. It would also protect the coloring and would prevent excessive color bleeding. Alongside that, its intricately formulated solution would provide the optimal moisture and texture for hair. This exclusive MRV3 Complex formulation locks in moisture, repairs and prevents damage, and gives your hair added body and volume.

What ingredients it contain?

Infused with Wheat Protein, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, and Macadamia oil it replenishes the lost moisture of hair, it repairs the damaged strands and it also penetrates deep into the roots to provide a plethora of nutrients and minerals, essential to hair, to ensure minimal damage to hair and higher longevity of the color itself

Why advanced color care is so popular?

It uses the method of Hair color locking formula to enclose color and secure it as well as extend the longevity of Hair color treatments.

It immediately changes the texture of color treated hair leaving it more soft, smooth and healthy in totality, whilst also providing a immediate shine and an increased essence of color vitality.

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Its specialty:

  • It uses Exclusive Protein Enriched MRV3 Complex formulation that fortifies the principle structure of the hair and also restoring and replenishing vital nutrients and minerals to the scalp.
  • Infused with Vitamin rich Argan Oil , Macadamia Oil , and Aloe Vera provides the absolute essential nutrients to hair and nourishes it thoroughly, which thereby promote a healthy vigorous hair growth as well as provide the essence of life, color and vibrancy.
  • Sulfate Free and Paraben Free Formula is recommended and highly applicable for all variations of hair such as Permed, Natural, Bleached, Keratin Treated and Curly Hair.


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Hair Trimmer

                    Best beard trimmer


Panasonic ER-GB40-S 19 Precision Beard and hair Trimmer for Wet/Dry Wash:

The immensely powerful and versatile Panasonic Beard Trimmer ER-GB40-S is a profound revolution in the realm of shaving. Its versatility paired up with its convenience makes it the epitome of men’s hygiene products. Alongside its numerous potentials, it is also portable and can be easily used cordless or could be plugged in an AC outlet for a higher longevity.

This durable, immensely sharp blades and the upgraded mustache trimmer technology are honed to a precision of and acute 40 degree angle to result in surpassing than any other device in terms of cutting edge technology for the rapid, efficient maintenance of beards. A quick adjust dial trimmer has been featured in the sure grip ergonomic men’s cordless to provide with a surplus of 19 precision settings – ranging from 1mm to 10mm- to achieve the optimal length to which precise trimming, sculpting and detailing would become much easier and efficient. This best beard trimmer  is also convenient for all sorts of moisture conditions – ranging from wet to dry. To facilitate in a much quicker process of trimming, the ER-GB40-S waterproof hair trimmer results in a rapid, clean and even a dry trim over the sink, so it helps when someone is running late. And furthermore, the Panasonic hair trimmer also happens to be completely immersible in water, thus it provides the same immensely efficient trimming and sculpting even when it’s done in the shower. The process of cleaning it is also made to be very easy. The Panasonic ER-GB40 beard and mustache trimmer cleanses itself if kept under running water for a period of time and features an easy-open water drain to facilitate with a much more thorough cleanse and maintenance, and is also additionally equipped with a handy cleaning brush to get access to the hairs trapped in the hair clipper blade. Additionally is included an AC charger that proficiently charges the hair and mustache trimmer for it to last for an elongated period of time. An indicator lamp glows red while the Panasonic ER-GB40-S trimmer is charging. And because of its numerous potential, it can be portable and be compact in any grooming kit, bag or luggage, so it can be easily carried on the go.


Special Feature:

  • It is honed to an acute 45 degree angle to result in the fine precision and to have absolute intricate perfection in areas such as sculpting and designing.
  • This best trimmer is equipped with an upgraded quick adjust dial trimmer to result in fine precision in hair detailing.
  • It is designed in an ergonomic pattern to resonate with masculinity and has a protective rubber covering.
  • It is the best cordless trimmer. It can also be plugged in for higher usage longevity.
  • It includes handy men’s electric trimmer cleaning brush and AC charging stand; can stand fit with ease and is portable and compact; resulting it to fit easily in luggage or gym bags.


Wet/Dry Cordless Hair Clipper’s function

One of Panasonic’s best beard trimmer for men, the ER-GB40-S has the astounding potential not to be limited to one singular condition of moisture; it permits hair to be trimmed at any condition that has been subjected upon it. That means one can either have a shave on the sink if they are running late and because of its immersive qualities; it can also shave and trim while in the shower.

Quick Adjust Dial for Changing Beard Grooming Lengths

It has been proficiently equipped with a quick adjust dial – which itself ranges from 1mm to 10mm- to fit each and every customer’s trimming and styling needs. It provides the variation, one can use it for both intricate sculpting and designing.

Water Drain for Easy Trimmer sustainment

A quick, adjustable water drain featured in the waterproof hair trimmer  allows water to flow freely through the smooth adjustable cordless hair clipper for an easy and swift cleansing and managing achieved in seconds.

Precision 45 Degree Blades for an excellent Trim

Each and every single of the extremely sharp and precise, refined blades designed by the upgraded precision based technology of ER-GB40-S trimming system results a honed acute 45 degree angle to allow intricate design and sculpting achieved in a matter of absolute ease. This high-end 45 degree trimmer blade provides a concentrated and précised cut on unruly or damaged hair. You may remove the included comb attachment and may use as a men’s body groomer for chest, arms and more.

Charging Stand for Men’s Rechargeable Trimmer

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S waterproof best beard trimmer also features a red light which acts as an indicator for signaling that the device is being charged and safely stored men’s electric trimmer when not in use.

A/C Rechargeable Battery

This men’s beard trimmer ER-GB40-S is additionally featured with a battery of Ni-MH which is also rechargeable. This battery is charged in an hour to provide up to 50 minutes of continuous trimming  and cutting power.


In summation; this is the optimal choice for men all over the world because of its surplus of variation that is provided to the user alongside with its outstanding potential as a trimmer. It also has incredible durability and all these additive facilities and features make the job of trimming much easier and convenient.

Hair Drying Towels


Sometimes we miss the point of knowing how important towels are for us in our day to day lives. Harsh towels usually absorb all the moisture from hair and leave it without being nourished, and often, if the fabric is harsh, it may ruin the condition of hair. That is why it is essential to have good towels. Here, mentioned in this compilated list are hair drying towels which are lightweight, durable, versatile and benefit hair to its maximum potential.


  1. Dura Comfort Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Hair Towel – Microfiber Towel:

The stores and shops are engrossed with a surplus of advertisement about blow dryers and traditional bulky towels that bring nothing but deterioration to the condition of hair. Now, with a brilliant solution to this issue, comes the magnificent Dura Comfort Super Absorbent drying towel with its potential for rapid drying as well as harnessing the nutrients and moisture and not letting it bereft the hair. It penetrates deep into the hair and absorbs all the excess moisture from hair with ease.

Special Features:

  • Rapid drying of wet hair : This microfiber towel for hair efficiently absorbs all the excess moisture from hair and leaves it soft and manageable unlike many hair drying products.
  • Effortless and Versatile: Everyone has faced the bludgeoning instance when wet hair is obstructing themselves from getting ready. With this magnificent versatile towel, hair can be easily arranged in a turban to provide absolute ease and comfort in the period of getting ready.
  • Durable: This microfiber towel for hair has been proficiently designed to be durable, compact and lightweight; providing no discomfort and irritation and therefore is optimal for everyday use in the home, gym or whilst travelling.
  • One size fits all head: 41 X 19 inches is convenient for all shapes and sizes of haed and all variation of thickness and lengths for hair, if hair is shorter, then twist towel a bit more downwards than what is usually done for long hair. This is also a brilliant gift for kids and adults of all ages.


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    2.  Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel:

Aquis towels are originally made using Aquitex, an immensely absorbent material which has been woven from ultrafine microfibers. This upgraded technology implemented in the microfiber towel for hair is to result hair in having a much more thorough and rapid drying process than any other towels. Alongside that, its specialized material makes it super light and soft not to harm sensitive skin. Designed to be lightweight, compact and durable, Aquis towels and its spectacular versatility result it an optimal exemplary item for widespread usage such as in home, gym or while travelling.

Special feature:

  • This microfiber towel for hair measurement is 19*39-inch.
  • It is made from refined Aquitex fiber, an upgraded technology that provides comfort and ease while delivering efficient moisture transport and absorb excess moisture present in hair.
  • The microfiber towel for hair has the absolute potential to provide hair with a much more thorough and rapid drying process, which is an excellent alternative to blow drying and also cuts down on hair damaging.
  • Because of the fiber being ultra-lightweight, it is smooth and gentle on sensitive skin and hair, and drastically reduces the possibilities of hair fall.
  • This  hair drying towel itself requires a short time to dry off, it is also tremendously soft and supple.


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   3.  Vidi Super absorbent Anti-Frizz Hair towel:

Vidi Super absorbent Anti-Frizz Hair towel provides its users with the comfort and luxury with rapid drying procession of hair. The drying process is both rapid and thorough, missing no spots. And it is optimal in circumstances when someone is running late and requires hair to be dried at a fast rapid rate. Simply pop wet hair into a simple turban with a button to keep the turban in place at engage in other things whilst the hair dries. The hair then results in dry and detangled from its knots.

Special feature: 

  • It is proficiently featured with UltraWicking technology which results hair to dry at a rate 80% faster than normal for rapid drying of hair.
  • It provides the ideal in hair drying luxury; comes in a huge variety of colors and can be transformed into a turban with ease.
  • Hair is twisted and looped with ease because of the elastic and then is adjusted over a convenient button. It itself can be adjusted with ease, provides absolute comfort and is much more secure than other towels.
  • It comes with the additional wide tooth detangler comb, which facilitates in the quick detangling of hair.
  • The measurement of this hair drying towel is an ideal size for both long and short hair.


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  1. Turbie Twist Hair Towels Cotton:

Regardless of what variation one’s hair may be, Turbie twist hair towel provides maximum absorption of excess moisture from hair to result in a much more fast and thorough drying process. Furthermore, it can be easily arranged into a turban.

Special feature:

  1. This turbie twister is considered as a revelation at the domain of hair drying products for its absolute potential and versatility.
  2. Its extra ordinary twist system allows hair to be easily assembled into a turban and it is much secure than any other towels.
  3. This hair drying towel itself has amazing absorption capabilities and is very convenient for working member who requires their hair to dry at a much faster pace.
  4. This 100% cotton towel is machine washable.

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Hair Clips

Hair clips are spectacular specimens in the realm of hair accessories. Not only do they provide a sense of absolute elegance but they are also very comfortable and durable in terms of securing hair.They  can be worn for any sort of attire or occasion or could be used to style and manage hair. They are intricately designed to provide with an essence of sophistication and also provide a protective grip without causing pain or lines. Here are some fashionable clips for customers convenience.


  1. Scunci No-Slip Grip Mini Jaw Clips:

Scunci no-slip grip hair accessories are the absolute epitome of women’s hair accessory. It provides the essential requirements with ease and efficiency whilst also maintaining suave and sophistication reflected in it’s astounding style.


  • The new and upgraded no slip and grip technology provides a sturdy grip for a high longevity.
  • Has the pattern of interlocking teeth for a much more secure and protective grip towards the hair.
  • 5 packs equipped with 2 basic black and 3 tortoise clips.


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  1. Diane Double Prong Clips 80 Clips:

Durable Grip

It is featured with two very strong and durable prongs, that secure the style of hair for higher longevity.


Long Lasting Quality 

Made of nickel-plated steel, these clips are the epitome of hair accessories for its high longevity and resistance.

Great for Pin Curls

Starting at the ends of hair, roll up a section in a clockwise position around finger, and secure clip in place as close to your scalp as possible. Allow enough time for hair to dry and set. Remove each clip gently.

Measurement of Clip: 1.75-Inches; optimal size for almost all kinds of hair in terms of thickness and in length.


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  1. Scunci Effortless Beauty Basic Jaw Clips, Assorted Colors, 3-Count:

With this versatile instrument, hair of any type and variation would be held securely for an elongated period f time. Various looks are effortless to achieve using the scunci effortless beauty basic jaw clips; just twist hair, roll and attach it and the job is done. Simply open the clip and clamp through – casual up-dos don’t get any easier than this, even on thick curly hair.


3 Effortless Beauty Jaw Clips in black, brown, and clear.

  • Strong, interlocking teeth hold hair in place.
  • Perfect for up-dos and sectioning hair for styling.


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  1. MOKALE 6 Pcs Silicone Band Maximum Gripping Duckbill Hair Clips:

It is intricately designed to provide with an essence of sophistication and also providing a protective grip without causing pain or lines. .It is quite suitable for a variety of hair styles.


  • Size: Full length about 112mm.
  • Unique design allows for smooth, even hold for any hair thickness without damaging or crimping hair.
  • Makes sectioning easy and fast for any hair service.


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  1. Unisex Black Spring Wave Metal Hoop Hair Band:


Black spring style wavy metal headband  provides an essence of elegance and fashion. It is applicable for all ages and many variations of hair, may be wavy, curly or straight.


  • Black spring style wavy metal headband.
  • Style your hair just in seconds; easy to use, light weight.
  • Fashionable hair hoop as a hair accessory, great gift for lady.


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  1. Prettyou 5.5″ Large Crystal Plastic Hair Claw Banana clip:

This hair clip is resplendent, fashionable and is an absolute nessecity for women. This clip is very durable and can resist even the hardest of pressures, making it immune to any damage whatsoever.


  • Material: made with the absolute best quality plastic, resin, metal. Is much harder and durable compared to other products.
  • Durable and provides ease to use for the customer. It is easy to assemble and comfortable for long periods of time.
  • For any ages, girls and women. For any occasions, home and office.

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Hair Barrettes

               Hair Barrettes for thin Hair

Barrettes are hair clips that support and uphold hair. It also is used as a ornamented style accessory. Although for women who have thin or fine hair, find it very uncomfortable to use and sustain hair barrettes for higher longevity. It would be because of a variety of reasons; the barrette itself is very resistant and slips off of hair frequently, the scalp hurts because of the barrette putting on heavy pressure and many other reasons. Here compilated is a list of barrettes which are best suitable with thin or fine hair. Not only are these barrettes establish a sturdy grip on hair, whist also being light and comfortable, it also is very luxurious and can be worn to accentuate an elegant and sophisticate look, or be worn for comfort on a day to day basis.

1.France Luxe Oblong on Tige Boule Barrette – South Sea:


France Luxe Oblong on Tige Boule Barrette – is a manifestation of class and elegance from its subtle style and ornate design. Handcrafted in France and polished to a lustrous sheen, the barrette is equipped with a sturdy tige boule clasp, enhancing the support and establishing it to be the ideal hair clasp for fine or thin hair.


  • Absolute essential for styling thin or fine hair.
  • Made of luxurious cellulose acetate.
  • Dimensions: 5/8″ wide, 2 3/4″ long.


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  1.   6 Pack Barrettes with Snap On Clip for Thin Hair or for Young Girls:

These 6 pack Barrettes for thin hair are not only the ideal option in terms of support and and longevity but are extravagantly ornamented to absolute resplendence. These  barrettes for hair could assist to accentuate one’s style to an astounding extent.



  • Barrettes for hair are assorted in a pack of total 6.
  • Snap-On Hairclips that are ideal for thin or fine hair
  • Are wonderfully ornamented with sparky crystals and iridescent colors.
  • Barrette ornament measures 1.5″ x 1 3/8″, snap-on clip 2″.


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  1. France Luxe Mini Cutout Rectangle on Plastic Tige Boule Barrette :

France Luxe Mini Cutout Rectangle on Plastic Tige Boule Barrette – is an essential accessory because of it’s chic but subtle style and astounding elegance. Handcrafted in France embellished to superiority, the barrette for hair features a small, plastic tige boule clasp. Gracefully pull back your hair for a stunning style with this beautiful barrette.



  • Sturdy plastic tige boule clasp to give hair support for an elongated period of time.
  • Made of luxurious cellulose acetate.
  • Dimensions: 3/4″ wide, 2″ long.


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  1. Art Nouveau Swirl Hair Clip – Hand Crafted Metal Barrette Made in the USA:

Originally made with 100% Britannia metal, it is also additionally features delicate swirl design make this barrette one of a kind.This hair barrette for hair has surpassed any of it’s contemporaries in the domain of style and elegance, with its intricately crafted and carefully detailed Celtic pattern, it has a slight essence of the past and a strong resemblance to sophistication.. This hair clasp is also equipped with a lot of features that make it optimal for thin or fine hair; making it an absolute essential for its brilliant and transcendent style and spectacular versatility .


  • Weight 1.2 ounces.
  • Size 3.625 x 1.25 inches.
  • Makes a great gift.


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  1. Parcelona French Plain Oval Simple 2 1/4 Inch :

This barrettes originally originates from France, assuring absolute excellence in style and quality. With this hair barrette for thin hair; Tortoise Shell term is used to describe the pattern made in resins and plastics of amber brown swirls and colors .


  • Nonmetal hair clip of the highest quality; Luxurious and embellished finish for higher longevity
  • Size : 3.15 Inches ; 8 cm
  • Provide absolute stellar sturdiness and support to uphold and ornament thin or fine hair for much higher longevity.


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          Hair Barrettes for Thick Hair

Hair Barrettes is a hair accessory that is used to support land secure hair in one place as well as ornamenting the look of hair. These barrettes for hair have gained much reputation and are widely used. Here is a list of hair barrettes which are suitable for thick hair. Not only would it alleviate the chore of handling hair, but it would also help accessorize hair to achieve any look desired. It would provide outstanding hold on hair and maintain that support throughout the day. These hair barrettes for thick hair also come in a wide variation of styles.


  1. Goody Classics Star Tight Hair Barrette Mock Tort:

Goody is a worldwide reputed name that has been the pioneers in the domain of hair design and accessorizing tools. And Goody barrettes for hair constantly updates and modifies their style and design to fulfill the desires of their customers by bringing forth fabulous and a huge variety of styles for the users.


  • Is available in the thickness of two inches.
  • Is applicable for all ages; both adults and girls.


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  • 2. Extra thick Black Hair Elastics:

    DCNL Extra Thick Hair Elastics is a group of thick elastic bands to provide outstanding protection to hair and has stellar longevity. It provides no discomfort to the users whatsoever whilst providing a secure and tight grip to the hair.

  • Speciality:Is devoid of any metal ponytail elastics.
  • Is comfortable to wear for an elongated period of time.  One pack comes with a total 4 barrettes.


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        3.  Parcelona French Oval Buckle Celluloid Tortoise Shell Hair clip Barrette:

This product is sure to create to sharp edges and also will not cause any sort of sharp edges. That is the result of the material, which is enhanced and is concentrated so the end product is strong, resistant and durable.



      • Most suitable with users with medium to thick hair.
      • Protecting tortoise shell style designed Barrettes.
      • Length 9cm; 3.5 inches.


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  1. Large Celtic Hair Clip | Hand Crafted Metal Barrette:

Cascade your marvelous aura, why choose the old and ordinary. With this resplendent delicate and intricately designed hair clip, it provides a grandiose and elegant resemblance to your personnel.



  1. This hair clip provides a secure grip and maximum comfort throughout an elongated period of time, so the clip provides both impeccable style and unsurpassed comfort

2.This is the finest specimen of handcrafted heirloom. It is made in America with 100% Britannia metal.

  1. Available in 3.5 * 1.25 inches, this magnificent hair slip is a perfect fit for almost all.


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  1. Art Noveau Leaf Hair Clip | Hand Crafted Metal Barrette :

100% Britannia metal and is accompanied with a delicate swirl to give hair a vivacious sophisticated look. This barrette for thick hair is ornate and is handcrafted with astounding intricate design to provide a subtle sense of impeccable style to whatever look the user wishes to carry.


This hair clip provides a secure grip and maximum comfort throughout an elongated period of time.

It is made in America with 100% Britannia metal with the assistance of experience.


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  1. Parcelona French Arch 3.5 inch Tortoise Shell Cellulose Curved Barrette:

The Parcelona French Hair Accessories is essentially originated from France. This automatic barrette is absolutely brilliant in usage, specifically for medium to thick hair, as it provides the hair with maximum support and comfort.  This barrettes for hair surpass any other hair clips because of its high quality performance.


  • Tortoise Shell Hair Barrette; with standard size 2 3/4 inch metal clip; Best for Medium or Thick Hair Types.
  • Length is approximately 3.5 Inches ; 9 cm.


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  1. Scunci No-Slip Grip Open Center Stay Tight Barrettes:

The gentle curve the hair barrette provides symmetrically aligns with the shape of the user’s head, to provide maximum comfort and no awkward angles; as though the hair clip is a part of the head. These hair barrettes are specifically designed for keeping long hair at one position with security and to tame the stray tresses.


  • 6 no-slip barrettes, absolutely brilliant for all hair types.
  • In assorted chic metal clips to achieve any sort of desirable style.
  • Very comfortable and fashionable accessory for day to day modern life.


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  1. Uxcell Woman Black Ruched Bowknot Bow Snood Barrette :

This is made with rich Ruched bowknot with nylon material. Nylon snood net is luxurious and is convenient and applicable for all variations of hair. This barrette hair clip is an optimal accessory for women and provides a gorgeous posh addition to the personnel.


*This wonderfully crafted Celtic hair barrette provides a palpable sense of sophistication to your whole attire.

*This hair clip provides a secure grip and maximum comfort throughout an elongated period of time.


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