Natural hair color

       Naturtint Permanent Hair Color – 6N Dark Blonde

Naturtint is  the epitome in the domain of permanent hair color; being absolutely free of any sort of detrimental chemicals as well as result in radiant and iridescent  shades of colors for hair. It has the absolutely brilliant combination of natural activators that unleash plethora of nutrients to keep hair nourished and healthy and also highly concentrated micro-pigments that provide a more concentrated and wholesome color. Its color is so highly concentration that it will make every single grey hair disappear just after one single application! It provides hair with a new vitality and rejuvenation that lasts for an elongated period of time. Naturtint itself comes in 29 mixable shades, and each pack comes equipped with all the materials that makes the process very easy.

Natural hair color

Natural Ingredients: This natural hair color is constituted of natural ingredients such as oat, soy, corn, coconut, wheat, sunflower and lemon extracts that combine together to formulate a gentle mixture and nourish hair thoroughly.


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Benefits of Naturtint natural hair color:

  1. The process itself is very easy and gentle on the hair, moreover it is highly proactive in function that results in a long lasting color with high color concentration.
  2. Naturtint natural hair color is made by the natural extracts and is completely devoid of detrimental chemicals which can deteriorate the condition of hair.
  3. The optimal combination of natural ingredients and the pH of the colorant cream create the ideal medium for the enlargement and swelling of the hair fiber, resulting in a more voluminous look.
  4. The Naturtint Nutrideep Multiplier concludes the whole procession; repositioning the cuticle to it’s originate region and finishing it off with a vibrant, attractive and youthful look


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