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Henna has been always regarded as ‘Nature’s way to cover Grey’. For everyone who desires rejuvenated iridescent radiant locks of hair manifested on their own brittle greying hair, henna hair color is strongly recommended. Henna’s color pigments reaches to the very shaft of the hair cuticle, providing the hair with an absolutely resplendent locks of dazzling vivacious shiny hair full of youth and life. As well as the addition to the aesthetical aptitude, henna hair color also nourishes the hair thoroughly, making it more naturally shiny and progressively healthier and manageable.

Henna hair dyes and Indigo Powder are highly rated and strongly recommended amongst users who care about the condition of their hair because the henna and indigo are individual pure entities which are harvested with great care and are not combined with any detrimental chemicals which might act as a harmful agent to our hair or our overall health.

Perfect color for hair:

Customers who have previously faced much trouble concerning skin irritation and fumes found in chemical hair dyes, Henna hair color is highly recommended for them to use  without a moment of hesitation. It protects hair from all sorts of detriments brought about chemical dyes and furthermore the henna guys pack provide the absolute optimal hair color suitable for the customer.

Henna’s function:

Henna has been specifically designated to be used for greying hair. And because of its natural extracts, the pigments will not appear it is being used on ark hair itself. It will also not alter the color conditions of black hair.


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This henna powder is predominantly constituted of pure henna and indigo alongside natural herbs such as Amla powder (which is an excellent conditioner) as well as false daisy and Neem powder to enhance the vitality and essence of the dye to ensure much more efficient coloring.

Why Is Henna Powder So Pure?

Henna company Triple Sift its powder to have the finest and smoothest powders. This complex procession loses a lot of products but successfully ensures the best quality of the end product. Freshly harvested henna are first preserved in a temperature controlled atmosphere until it itself it ready to be transformed into power. Henna powders carries the fresh and most potent batches of all the products, that being implied, the henna itself is not more than 12 to 18 months of age, therefore ensuring that the henna powder results in much potent and efficient results than all of its other contemporaries. Henna strand tests before the application to get desired colors. Henna specialists have thoroughly researched to produce results and advice the customers accordingly to mix different shades of colors to get approximately more than 70 different shades of henna color for hair.

How is Henna different?

  1. Chemical free: Henna hair color is devoid of all chemicals and color developers that have the potential to alter the condition of dark hair.
  2. Excellent Natural Alternative:  It is the optimal alternative to chemical dyes which are prey to pesticides. This organic hair coloring agent contains no chemicals or metallic salts.
  3. No additives: Henna hair color is formed in it’s very own separate entity; there is no additives, no parabens, no alcohol and no added artificial fragrance.
  4. Best value pack: It comes equipped in a aluminum foil bag with airtight environment for a higher longevity.


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