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Panasonic ER-GB40-S 19 Precision Beard and hair Trimmer for Wet/Dry Wash:

The immensely powerful and versatile Panasonic Beard Trimmer ER-GB40-S is a profound revolution in the realm of shaving. Its versatility paired up with its convenience makes it the epitome of men’s hygiene products. Alongside its numerous potentials, it is also portable and can be easily used cordless or could be plugged in an AC outlet for a higher longevity.

This durable, immensely sharp blades and the upgraded mustache trimmer technology are honed to a precision of and acute 40 degree angle to result in surpassing than any other device in terms of cutting edge technology for the rapid, efficient maintenance of beards. A quick adjust dial trimmer has been featured in the sure grip ergonomic men’s cordless to provide with a surplus of 19 precision settings – ranging from 1mm to 10mm- to achieve the optimal length to which precise trimming, sculpting and detailing would become much easier and efficient. This best beard trimmer  is also convenient for all sorts of moisture conditions – ranging from wet to dry. To facilitate in a much quicker process of trimming, the ER-GB40-S waterproof hair trimmer results in a rapid, clean and even a dry trim over the sink, so it helps when someone is running late. And furthermore, the Panasonic hair trimmer also happens to be completely immersible in water, thus it provides the same immensely efficient trimming and sculpting even when it’s done in the shower. The process of cleaning it is also made to be very easy. The Panasonic ER-GB40 beard and mustache trimmer cleanses itself if kept under running water for a period of time and features an easy-open water drain to facilitate with a much more thorough cleanse and maintenance, and is also additionally equipped with a handy cleaning brush to get access to the hairs trapped in the hair clipper blade. Additionally is included an AC charger that proficiently charges the hair and mustache trimmer for it to last for an elongated period of time. An indicator lamp glows red while the Panasonic ER-GB40-S trimmer is charging. And because of its numerous potential, it can be portable and be compact in any grooming kit, bag or luggage, so it can be easily carried on the go.


Special Feature:

  • It is honed to an acute 45 degree angle to result in the fine precision and to have absolute intricate perfection in areas such as sculpting and designing.
  • This best trimmer is equipped with an upgraded quick adjust dial trimmer to result in fine precision in hair detailing.
  • It is designed in an ergonomic pattern to resonate with masculinity and has a protective rubber covering.
  • It is the best cordless trimmer. It can also be plugged in for higher usage longevity.
  • It includes handy men’s electric trimmer cleaning brush and AC charging stand; can stand fit with ease and is portable and compact; resulting it to fit easily in luggage or gym bags.


Wet/Dry Cordless Hair Clipper’s function

One of Panasonic’s best beard trimmer for men, the ER-GB40-S has the astounding potential not to be limited to one singular condition of moisture; it permits hair to be trimmed at any condition that has been subjected upon it. That means one can either have a shave on the sink if they are running late and because of its immersive qualities; it can also shave and trim while in the shower.

Quick Adjust Dial for Changing Beard Grooming Lengths

It has been proficiently equipped with a quick adjust dial – which itself ranges from 1mm to 10mm- to fit each and every customer’s trimming and styling needs. It provides the variation, one can use it for both intricate sculpting and designing.

Water Drain for Easy Trimmer sustainment

A quick, adjustable water drain featured in the waterproof hair trimmer  allows water to flow freely through the smooth adjustable cordless hair clipper for an easy and swift cleansing and managing achieved in seconds.

Precision 45 Degree Blades for an excellent Trim

Each and every single of the extremely sharp and precise, refined blades designed by the upgraded precision based technology of ER-GB40-S trimming system results a honed acute 45 degree angle to allow intricate design and sculpting achieved in a matter of absolute ease. This high-end 45 degree trimmer blade provides a concentrated and précised cut on unruly or damaged hair. You may remove the included comb attachment and may use as a men’s body groomer for chest, arms and more.

Charging Stand for Men’s Rechargeable Trimmer

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S waterproof best beard trimmer also features a red light which acts as an indicator for signaling that the device is being charged and safely stored men’s electric trimmer when not in use.

A/C Rechargeable Battery

This men’s beard trimmer ER-GB40-S is additionally featured with a battery of Ni-MH which is also rechargeable. This battery is charged in an hour to provide up to 50 minutes of continuous trimming  and cutting power.


In summation; this is the optimal choice for men all over the world because of its surplus of variation that is provided to the user alongside with its outstanding potential as a trimmer. It also has incredible durability and all these additive facilities and features make the job of trimming much easier and convenient.

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