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Hair clips are spectacular specimens in the realm of hair accessories. Not only do they provide a sense of absolute elegance but they are also very comfortable and durable in terms of securing hair.They  can be worn for any sort of attire or occasion or could be used to style and manage hair. They are intricately designed to provide with an essence of sophistication and also provide a protective grip without causing pain or lines. Here are some fashionable clips for customers convenience.


  1. Scunci No-Slip Grip Mini Jaw Clips:

Scunci no-slip grip hair accessories are the absolute epitome of women’s hair accessory. It provides the essential requirements with ease and efficiency whilst also maintaining suave and sophistication reflected in it’s astounding style.


  • The new and upgraded no slip and grip technology provides a sturdy grip for a high longevity.
  • Has the pattern of interlocking teeth for a much more secure and protective grip towards the hair.
  • 5 packs equipped with 2 basic black and 3 tortoise clips.


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  1. Diane Double Prong Clips 80 Clips:

Durable Grip

It is featured with two very strong and durable prongs, that secure the style of hair for higher longevity.


Long Lasting Quality 

Made of nickel-plated steel, these clips are the epitome of hair accessories for its high longevity and resistance.

Great for Pin Curls

Starting at the ends of hair, roll up a section in a clockwise position around finger, and secure clip in place as close to your scalp as possible. Allow enough time for hair to dry and set. Remove each clip gently.

Measurement of Clip: 1.75-Inches; optimal size for almost all kinds of hair in terms of thickness and in length.


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  1. Scunci Effortless Beauty Basic Jaw Clips, Assorted Colors, 3-Count:

With this versatile instrument, hair of any type and variation would be held securely for an elongated period f time. Various looks are effortless to achieve using the scunci effortless beauty basic jaw clips; just twist hair, roll and attach it and the job is done. Simply open the clip and clamp through – casual up-dos don’t get any easier than this, even on thick curly hair.


3 Effortless Beauty Jaw Clips in black, brown, and clear.

  • Strong, interlocking teeth hold hair in place.
  • Perfect for up-dos and sectioning hair for styling.


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  1. MOKALE 6 Pcs Silicone Band Maximum Gripping Duckbill Hair Clips:

It is intricately designed to provide with an essence of sophistication and also providing a protective grip without causing pain or lines. .It is quite suitable for a variety of hair styles.


  • Size: Full length about 112mm.
  • Unique design allows for smooth, even hold for any hair thickness without damaging or crimping hair.
  • Makes sectioning easy and fast for any hair service.


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  1. Unisex Black Spring Wave Metal Hoop Hair Band:


Black spring style wavy metal headband  provides an essence of elegance and fashion. It is applicable for all ages and many variations of hair, may be wavy, curly or straight.


  • Black spring style wavy metal headband.
  • Style your hair just in seconds; easy to use, light weight.
  • Fashionable hair hoop as a hair accessory, great gift for lady.


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  1. Prettyou 5.5″ Large Crystal Plastic Hair Claw Banana clip:

This hair clip is resplendent, fashionable and is an absolute nessecity for women. This clip is very durable and can resist even the hardest of pressures, making it immune to any damage whatsoever.


  • Material: made with the absolute best quality plastic, resin, metal. Is much harder and durable compared to other products.
  • Durable and provides ease to use for the customer. It is easy to assemble and comfortable for long periods of time.
  • For any ages, girls and women. For any occasions, home and office.

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