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Hair Drying Towels


Sometimes we miss the point of knowing how important towels are for us in our day to day lives. Harsh towels usually absorb all the moisture from hair and leave it without being nourished, and often, if the fabric is harsh, it may ruin the condition of hair. That is why it is essential to have good towels. Here, mentioned in this compilated list are hair drying towels which are lightweight, durable, versatile and benefit hair to its maximum potential.


  1. Dura Comfort Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Hair Towel – Microfiber Towel:

The stores and shops are engrossed with a surplus of advertisement about blow dryers and traditional bulky towels that bring nothing but deterioration to the condition of hair. Now, with a brilliant solution to this issue, comes the magnificent Dura Comfort Super Absorbent drying towel with its potential for rapid drying as well as harnessing the nutrients and moisture and not letting it bereft the hair. It penetrates deep into the hair and absorbs all the excess moisture from hair with ease.

Special Features:

  • Rapid drying of wet hair : This microfiber towel for hair efficiently absorbs all the excess moisture from hair and leaves it soft and manageable unlike many hair drying products.
  • Effortless and Versatile: Everyone has faced the bludgeoning instance when wet hair is obstructing themselves from getting ready. With this magnificent versatile towel, hair can be easily arranged in a turban to provide absolute ease and comfort in the period of getting ready.
  • Durable: This microfiber towel for hair has been proficiently designed to be durable, compact and lightweight; providing no discomfort and irritation and therefore is optimal for everyday use in the home, gym or whilst travelling.
  • One size fits all head: 41 X 19 inches is convenient for all shapes and sizes of haed and all variation of thickness and lengths for hair, if hair is shorter, then twist towel a bit more downwards than what is usually done for long hair. This is also a brilliant gift for kids and adults of all ages.


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    2.  Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel:

Aquis towels are originally made using Aquitex, an immensely absorbent material which has been woven from ultrafine microfibers. This upgraded technology implemented in the microfiber towel for hair is to result hair in having a much more thorough and rapid drying process than any other towels. Alongside that, its specialized material makes it super light and soft not to harm sensitive skin. Designed to be lightweight, compact and durable, Aquis towels and its spectacular versatility result it an optimal exemplary item for widespread usage such as in home, gym or while travelling.

Special feature:

  • This microfiber towel for hair measurement is 19*39-inch.
  • It is made from refined Aquitex fiber, an upgraded technology that provides comfort and ease while delivering efficient moisture transport and absorb excess moisture present in hair.
  • The microfiber towel for hair has the absolute potential to provide hair with a much more thorough and rapid drying process, which is an excellent alternative to blow drying and also cuts down on hair damaging.
  • Because of the fiber being ultra-lightweight, it is smooth and gentle on sensitive skin and hair, and drastically reduces the possibilities of hair fall.
  • This  hair drying towel itself requires a short time to dry off, it is also tremendously soft and supple.


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   3.  Vidi Super absorbent Anti-Frizz Hair towel:

Vidi Super absorbent Anti-Frizz Hair towel provides its users with the comfort and luxury with rapid drying procession of hair. The drying process is both rapid and thorough, missing no spots. And it is optimal in circumstances when someone is running late and requires hair to be dried at a fast rapid rate. Simply pop wet hair into a simple turban with a button to keep the turban in place at engage in other things whilst the hair dries. The hair then results in dry and detangled from its knots.

Special feature: 

  • It is proficiently featured with UltraWicking technology which results hair to dry at a rate 80% faster than normal for rapid drying of hair.
  • It provides the ideal in hair drying luxury; comes in a huge variety of colors and can be transformed into a turban with ease.
  • Hair is twisted and looped with ease because of the elastic and then is adjusted over a convenient button. It itself can be adjusted with ease, provides absolute comfort and is much more secure than other towels.
  • It comes with the additional wide tooth detangler comb, which facilitates in the quick detangling of hair.
  • The measurement of this hair drying towel is an ideal size for both long and short hair.


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  1. Turbie Twist Hair Towels Cotton:

Regardless of what variation one’s hair may be, Turbie twist hair towel provides maximum absorption of excess moisture from hair to result in a much more fast and thorough drying process. Furthermore, it can be easily arranged into a turban.

Special feature:

  1. This turbie twister is considered as a revelation at the domain of hair drying products for its absolute potential and versatility.
  2. Its extra ordinary twist system allows hair to be easily assembled into a turban and it is much secure than any other towels.
  3. This hair drying towel itself has amazing absorption capabilities and is very convenient for working member who requires their hair to dry at a much faster pace.
  4. This 100% cotton towel is machine washable.

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