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Take Care Color treated Hair


Coloring is, as always, an intriguing topic in terms of hair fashion. It can accentuate someone’s feature or style or give them a completely different and rejuvenated look itself. It is also used as a cover up for greying hair. Although, this intriguing notion has a disadvantage too.  Chemicals which are used to alter the color and structure of hair are bound to bring more detriments to hair and its condition. It can make it damaged, frizzy and brittle. Although, scientists have thoroughly researched on this concept and has come up with methods to harness a fortified hair condition whilst alternating and flaunting beautiful hair colors. A wonderful shampoo, conditioner and hair musk set is mentioned here to take care  color treated hair for customer’s convenience.

What should you do to retain hair color?

The procession of coloring hair is often detrimental; resulting hair to be dry, brittle and damaged. Although, once correct procedures and pretense is ensued, Hair can be colored to an absolute resplendence and vibrancy without deteriorating its conditions. Color treated hair can be easily maintained by these simple procedures:

  1. Make your hair ready for hair color:

The beginning of the hair color process should be taken minimum two months in advance. Hair requires be sufficiently nourished and hydrated to endure and survive damage. That is why hair should be oiled and hair masks should be arranged at a regular frequency many months in advance. Remember, the more the hair is nourished and hydrated, the less damage it is going to inflict upon the hair after bleaching and coloring. Hair first requires to be bleached before it is colored. It is recommended to bleach hair the day before it is colored. Also, cold pressed coconut oil should be applied to the shaft of the bleached hair the night before coloring. That reduces the damage the coloring is going to inflict upon to an immense extent.

  1. Choose the appropriate hair color:

When you do decide to finally color your hair, the absolute goal is to pick a good, comparatively safe hair color that would bring forth minimum damage to the hair and it’s structure and condition. So it is highly recommended to choose a hair color that is free of harsh chemicals such as ammonia.

  1. Take time for Shampoo after hair color:

After hair is essentially colored, it is crucial that hair gets a time period of at least two days before it is washed. That would ensure that the color has been properly set upon the strand of hair. And letting it set for a higher period of time would minimize the possibility of color bleeding.  It is recommended that oil should be applied before the hair is washed. As the oil itself would form a fortified protective layer on the shaft of the hair to prevent the color from fading.

  1. Rinse with Cool Water:

Washing hair with hot water damages the hair and makes it brittle as high temperature causes the outer cuticle of hair to be exposed. That would result hair to be exposed to more damage and essentially, color bleeding. That requires to be prevented at all costs. Cool water In fact, seals the cuticles shut and provides a protective layer upon it. This procedure controls the frizz and ensured the color to be safely protected in the shaft.


  1. Use color-enhancing hair products:

Many organic products, made purely by the essence of nature and devoid of ammonia, protect the color from fading away and also exhibit the color in a much more vibrant resplendent manner. To achieve the maximum results from the coloring of hair, it is essential to use these products on hair.

  1. Do not use shampoo too often:

Rinsing hair would result in the color fading, as a procedure of rinsing hair is to remove the excess of materials from hair. That is why shampooing to often is strictly prohibited. Alongside that, clarifying shampoo is said to be avoided, because it strips the hair of its dyed pigments and leads to a much rapid color fading.

  1. Use conditioner:

Use conditioner every time you shampoo, and don’t rinse it out until the end of your shower – the steam will help the conditioner infiltrate profounder into your hair. Enclose your new color by applying leave-in conditioner and sleeping with hair wrapped, and try a hot-oil deep conditioner once a week to keep hair lax and limber.


While most chemical free color protecting shampoos are most suitable and appropriate for warm toned colors, it is recommended to opt for a sulfate free color shampoo is chosen a cooler shade. A sulphate free shampoo is an absolutely indispensible in this notion, as it does not extract the natural oils from hair, alter the structure of positioning of hair or add other harmful chemicals to the blend. Sulphate free shampoo rinses hair to its highest potential alongside does not fade the hair color.

Below mentioned is an effective sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that is highly recommended for color treated hair.


Arvazallia color care Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner Hair Mask:


Arvazallia color care Shampoo and Conditioner- Organic hair products

Arvazallia Advanced Color Care System with Argan Oil and Macadamia oil is itself a high quality premium sulphate free shampoo and conditioner designed with upgraded technology to ensure the proper hair care of color treated hair. It assures the essentials required for color treated hair. It provides a thorough and complete cleanse to hair whilst ensuring that the color pigments are not stripped off or that other harmful chemicals are acting upon the hair. This intricate 3-part system is meticulously formulated of sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning hair mask; this whole procession, when used altogether, will do absolute wonders for hair. It would ensure high color longevity and add an essence of incandescence to hair. That would provide a look with the strong essence of life and potent vibrancy glimmering through each and every strand. It would also protect the coloring and would prevent excessive color bleeding. Alongside that, its intricately formulated solution would provide the optimal moisture and texture for hair. This exclusive MRV3 Complex formulation locks in moisture, repairs and prevents damage, and gives your hair added body and volume.

What ingredients it contain?

Infused with Wheat Protein, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, and Macadamia oil it replenishes the lost moisture of hair, it repairs the damaged strands and it also penetrates deep into the roots to provide a plethora of nutrients and minerals, essential to hair, to ensure minimal damage to hair and higher longevity of the color itself

Why advanced color care is so popular?

It uses the method of Hair color locking formula to enclose color and secure it as well as extend the longevity of Hair color treatments.

It immediately changes the texture of color treated hair leaving it more soft, smooth and healthy in totality, whilst also providing a immediate shine and an increased essence of color vitality.

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Its specialty:

  • It uses Exclusive Protein Enriched MRV3 Complex formulation that fortifies the principle structure of the hair and also restoring and replenishing vital nutrients and minerals to the scalp.
  • Infused with Vitamin rich Argan Oil , Macadamia Oil , and Aloe Vera provides the absolute essential nutrients to hair and nourishes it thoroughly, which thereby promote a healthy vigorous hair growth as well as provide the essence of life, color and vibrancy.
  • Sulfate Free and Paraben Free Formula is recommended and highly applicable for all variations of hair such as Permed, Natural, Bleached, Keratin Treated and Curly Hair.


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