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                                Kenra blow dry spray to protect hair

Blow drying your hair in the prospects of efficient drying is a much more advantageous, but the damage it causes is indispensable. Blow dry spray can save hair from heat damage. Kenra platinum blow dry spray woks best to blow dry hair with its advanced heat protective technology.

In the vigorous pace of this postmodern world, blow drying hair is a quintessential element in order to style hair with fast pace and immense efficiency, but it severely deteriorates quality of hair with every single use, a commotion that we were unaware of until today.

Blow drying is known to damage hair tremendously because it subjects the hair to a fundamental transition which results the follicles to be disrupted and also put the scalp in immense pressure.



when you’re blow drying your hair, it is not only the moisture that you are drying out from the hair strands, but you are also depriving the hair scalp of its essential moisture and oils, which hinders the growth, development and maintenance of hair.

This causes an awful effect on hair:

  • Water present at the hair fiber can heat up which would change it into steam, which may cause damage to hair.
  • The heat can strips the scalp of moisture and would deter the condition of hair.

It is made apparent to people who have even the rudimental understanding of hair functionalities that heat would irrevocably cause damage to hair. But in addition to that, blow drying causes ‘flash drying’. This procession takes place when not only the excess water from the hair follicle is dried off, the moisture that is required to be present in the surface of the follicle, which is called water of hydration, is also bereft from the hair. This causes the continuous weakening of hair and causes brittle rigid hair over time.

There is a suitable solution that protect hair from damage while blow drying hair. Use Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray before blow dry to protect your hair.


Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray


Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray is a useful thing for its efficiency and versatility. Not only does it colossally decrease drying time, but it also has advanced heat protective mechanisms which significantly decreases the damage done to hair during the heating procedure.

Kenra platinum blow dry spray - Organic hair products

Its speciality:

    •  Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray decreases drying time to a complete 50%, meaning the whole process is completed in half the time.
    • This blow dry spray provides tremendous protection from heat and damage with the help of its advanced heat protective technology.
    • It’s lightweight upgraded technology allows your hair to look much more smooth, voluminous and detangled at the end of the process.
    • This hair friendly product eradicates any form of frizz and resists to the leering presence of humidity from hair.
    •  Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray provides improved results of a much higher longevity.

Customer’s Opinion

After the purchase of this product, people have left their reviews of this product in various websites. Here, some popular reviews are accumulated for easier accessibility and comprehension of the product.

  1. The results I’ve gotten with blow dry spray is very assertive and very prominent. It has significantly reduced drying time and has a divine fragrance to it.
  2. This wonderful product eliminates frizz even in the most arduous of humidity.
  3. This lightweight product is the best experience I’ve ever had with blow-drying. It has transformed the structure of my hair to a much smoother and sleeker texture. It is portable and I can carry it anywhere. It works very fast and efficiently and significant changes are very noticeable in my hair right now.


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