Best organic conditioner for dry and damaged hair

Silk18  Natural  Hair Conditioner – Safe for Color Treated Hair


Silk18 Natural organic Conditioner is the ultimate epitome in the domain of hair care products. It is an absolute essential to ensure the maximum results on hair. Not only is this magnificent products made by the essence of nature, but it has been articulated by immense precision to bring upon 18 different kinds of silk amino acids. This product is very potent in terms of results on hair. It is 100% organic and does not contain any chemical that could potentially bring forth detriment to your hair. It is regarded as the best organic conditioner for dry and damaged hair.  It’s brilliant formula results in the nutrients penetrating the hair and replenishing its deprived nutrients and repairing the damage This results the hair to be a magnificent mane; exhibiting the silkiest and smoothest of hair.


Best organic conditioner for dry and damaged hair 

What natural ingredients does it contain?

The enriched formula created for this magnificent conditioner is unique and articulated; it is created in absolute synergy of high potent conditioning agents, the precision to which it benefits with the maximum results.  It is made with the blend of 18 different silk amino acids which results in a resplendent silky smoothness for a high longevity whereas other potent organic essences such as jojoba and Argan oil fortifies hair and makes it more resistant to damage. And it is also enriched with botanically extracted keratin to replenish low keratin levels in hair; which could often be the cause of friziness.



  • Silk 18 is an incredible blend of outstanding ingredients extracted from the purest of nature to ensure the maximum result on hair. This conditioner work vigorously on the hair to repair the damage produced by several factors and it also penetrates into the roots to nourish the scalp and provide it with the essential ingredients to replenish the moisture and harness good condition of hair for much higher longevity.
  • Because of its enriched natural ingredients, it replenishes the low keratin levels; resulting hair to reduce its frizziness. And because of its absolutely brilliant formula it results all the different variations of hair, may it be frizzy or unmanageable, to retain moisture and keratin, resulting it to be silky smooth and soft. It is also safe for color treated hair as it is sulfate free.
  • Contains the brilliant blend of various highly potent conditioning agents that harness and retain the silky smooth condition of hair; enriched with 18 different silk amino acids to result in the maximum level of smooth and silkiness achieved on hair.
  • It is made of the purest of essence of nature. It is sulfate free and artificial flavoring free. Its fragrance is of a naturally harnessed light vanilla that appeals to both men and women. It is cruelty free as well.
  • Shampoo has the only meager job of rinsing the hair; conditioning is as essential a requirement as rinsing. This, Silk 18 conditioner provides hair the essential nutrients and support to transcend hair to an epithelial state of beauty and splendor.


  Customers’ opinion:

Customers who have previously used this product have left their opinions regarding it on the internet. Here accumulated are such results, to prove the efficiency and authenticity of the product itself.


  1. Ladies with curls; this is our final calling:

This product has resulted in an absolute miracle for me and my hair. I naturally have very course and frizzy hair, and naturally, my hair wasn’t manageable for longer period of time. No product really gave me the results I desired. This product however, has completely transformed my hair. Not only did it provide the silky smoothness it promised, but also made my hair progressively healthier and less frizzy


  1. Great Natural conditioner:

This conditioner is one of the best. It made my hair very soft, smooth and silky. This organic conditioner also has a mild special smell. It is not very strong or artificial. I bought the product three times already. I am in love with the wonderful performance of this conditioner


  1. Excellent product:

First Is the factor of smell; it provides a gentle fragrant essence of vanilla with a slight undertone of almond. Alongside with that, because of the gentleness and mildness of the product, the smell is not nauseating. Also, this product has done nothing but wonders for my hair. This is a hands down better and cheaper product than any expensive conditioner in the store

Secondly there is the quality. This product is absolutely brilliant. It requires no effort at all; I put it on when I shave (takes about two minutes) an it provides me with the best results an transforms my hair to soft shiny incandescent tresses.

Third, It is the, almost outwardly, quality of being a leave in conditioner. Although it would be recommended with ladies and gents with thin hair to not use it as a leave in conditioner, as it can get too heavy. When I used it as a leave in conditioner, it was very easily manageable and gave me no trouble at all.

Fourth, it does help my hair feel different–in a good way!


  1. 3B/3C Curly Girl’s Best Friend:

This product completely changed my hair’s natural curliness and fizziness right after the first use and left it feeling soft and shiny.

My hair itself, on top of being curly, is usually dehydrated. That is why it is so unmanageable. Whenever I’m in the shower, even after applying a conditioner, my hair was a detangled mess. It took me indeterminable time just to detangle it and try in vain to bring it to some kind of structure. But after using Silk 18 hair conditioner, the condition of my hair completely transformed. I finally got the curls I’ve been waiting for all my life. Firstly, it did not require any effort whatsoever to detangle. Also, my hair became soft and smooth in texture and had developed a nice bounce to its shape. I’m getting complements for my hair frequently now. I love this product


  1. Awesome product:

This is an outstanding product. It makes my hair look very soft and smooth to feel right after the first wash. And it maintains the smoothness and silkiness all throughout the day.

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LINDA BRYAN - June 23, 2017

I accidentally washed my hair with orange body shampoo!
My hair turned to doll’s hair and I had to hack off hand size chunks!
I am going to try Silk 18. I have colored hair champagne blonde. I now have gray roots and am afraid to color my hair right now!

    sanjida - June 25, 2017

    Dear Linda,

    You may try Silk 18 for soft and smooth hair.


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