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John Frieda Hot Air Brush:

John Frieda ionic hair brush is an all-in-one tool that produces versatile hairstyle. This amazing product dries hair quickly and add a nice style to hair at the same time. It increases hair volume, makes hair straight or forms small curls at the end of hair.  You will get saloon like hair style in home by using this hot hair brush. You’ll find this device warms up rather quickly but never gets too hot to handle, and because of the new and innovative titanium materials.

Designed with advanced ionic technology, generates up to 50% more ions, the John Frieda JFHA5 hot air brush allows you to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair.


Super quality hair-styling brush from John Frieda:


  • Advanced ionic technology provides up to 50% more ions
  • Titanium ceramic coated barrel
  • 2 heat settings plus cool setting
  • Enhanced air control
  • Swivel cord
  • The airflow is minimized for styling


Why should you use hot air brush with ionic technology:


You know when you use towel to dry your hair or brush your dry hair and all of a sudden it seems to be frizzy and sometimes full of static. This is because the friction from the towel or brush pulls away the negative ions and leaves your hair with a positive charge.   When there are only positive ions in the hair, the strands repel each other, resulting in problems such as flyaway, frizz, and static.

Ionic hair dryers are powered by electricity and work to emit negative ions which in turn neutralize the hairs atoms and eliminate the static and frizz making the hair smoother. Ionic technology also works to dry your hair faster as it causes the water molecules to fall of the hair shaft more quickly.


As your hair will dry faster, you will not be as vulnerable to the type of hair damage that normally results from overexposure to heat. And then there is an  advantage  using brushes with ion technology  that they lock more moisture into your hair, making your hair healthier, softer, shiner, and more manageable.


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Special benefits of John Frieda hot Air Brush:


  1. Convenient: The JFHA5’s ergonomic design makes it easy to use from any angle. Whether you have long hair or a short cut, the JFHA5 is well-balanced for easy movement.


  1. Not costly: You can get salon quality results from John Frieda hot Air brush, which is not expensive.


  1. Light Weight: You can use it for a long time without giving pressure to hands.


  1. Retain moisture: – This ionic air brush locks more moisture into your hair, making your hair healthier, softer, shiner, and more manageable.


  1. Heat control: This hot air brush contains two heat settings, so you can adjust the temperature level according to your hair type. The low setting can be used for thin, fine, and damaged hair, while the high setting is ideal for thicker hair. There’s also a cool setting, which can be used to set the style and create longer-lasting effect.


  1. Proper heat distribution: It provides Titanium ceramic coated barrel that ensures even distribution of heat. It maintains smoothness without damaging your hair.

John Frieda ionic hair brush is getting popularity day by day. Customers expressed their positive opinions in online after using this brush. Customers can purchase it at a reasonable price and achieve salon quality results in home, so its value worth the money.


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