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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair Straightener:

The Professional HSI Flat Iron is an astounding hair straightener which facilitates in managing all types of hair; frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair into gorgeous brilliant straight locks. Aside from just straightening, this hair straightener has the potential to curl and flip hair magnificently. This is a very reliable flat iron which would always give the desired results. This hair straightener has become an essential for going out to party.

Special Features:

  1. This tourmaline flat iron is manufactured by using solid ceramic tourmaline plates and the assistance of upgraded infrared technology.
  2. This hair straightener has an additional 360 degree swivel cord.
  3. This hair straightener allows adjustable temperature ranging from 240F too 400F (120C – 200C) depending what temperature is suitable for the user’s hair type.
  4. It has a dual voltage adaptable to 110v-220v.
  5. This hair straightener comes along with the function of versatile heat settings to achieve any hairstyle that we desire.


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Superior Quality:

  1. This tourmaline flat iron has amazing potential to transcend dry, frizzy hair to smooth, incandescent, beautiful locks.
  2. The tourmaline iron plates creates shiner and more incandescent hair in a shorter time period.
  3. This hair straightener’s 1 inch plate width, provides a wide enough width for any sort of hair, yet is narrow enough to be suitable for bangs.
  4. Assisted with the flash quick heating and swivel cord, this provides great style without making a mess or being time consuming.

Finding from Customer’s Opinion:

Customers who have previously used this product have left a plethora of reviews online. Their reviews have been analyzed, organized and reassemble to construct a list including their valuable suggestions to assist new buyers:

  1. Fast Heating: Customers have acclaimed this product to heat instantaneously. And they have also commented on saying that this product is extremely fast and very easy to handle.
  2. Truly Dual Voltage: A customer living overseas complained on how all her straightener burn out on her. She wanted to be assured of a reliable straightener that was dual voltage. HSI professional straightener did not disappoint her. She had no trouble using this straightener all throughout Europe and proclaimed the fact that her hair stayed perfectly straight even in the humid Italian hair
  3. Adjustable Heat Setting: This HSI professional hair straightener has multiple heat settings that is easily adjustable and could be changed   to suit the hair type or the pattern of the hairstyle.
  4. Works Great: One common element from all the comments was that this is an astounding product that they loved using. And why wouldn’t they? This product is brilliantly manufactured to be an optimal straightener and suit all the customer’s desires.
  5. Nice Soft Feel: This tourmaline flat iron makes hair very soft and smooth and gives it a nice sensation.


Many customers have acclaimed this product for its multiple qualities that makes this product recommended for all and optimal hair straightening iron. Customers who have used it have all boasted it to be what is the best flat iron for thick hair.

Remington S8001G Wet 2 Straight Wide Plate  Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron:

Remington is a very renowned hair company in its kind for its absolutely brilliant and outstanding result it provides to hair. And the Remington S8001G Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener is another magnificent addition to the family. This hair straightener is best acclaimed for it is the first hair straightener that has successfully abandoned the need for drying hair for this hair straightener itself can both dry and straighten hair without any disruptions or malfunctions whatsoever. This hair straightener also comes equipped with 26 heat settings that are appropriate setting for all kinds of hair type.





Remington S8001G Wet 2  Straightening Iron’s Special Quality:

  1. This straightener can facilitate in straightening and drying hair without any obstructions and with absolute security.
  2. Steam hydrating therapy is equipped to protect hair from over-drying.
  3. Digital hair control varies greatly to choose the appropriate heat settings for customer’s hair type.
  4. Wide tourmaline-ceramic plates assist in reaching the straightener right up to the root.



Remington S8001G Straightener at a Glance:

Size                                       2’’ Ceramic Plates

Technology                         Tourmaline Wet2Straight Technology

Max Heat                             400°F

Heat up                                30 second Heat Up

Controls and Design         Digital Controls with 26 Heat Settings

Shutoff                                Auto shutoff





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Variable temperature settings for all types of hair:

You can achieve any style possible by this versatile Remington Wet 2 Straight Straightening Iron. Use this on wet or dry hair, and Remington Wet 2 Straight Straightening Iron provides instantaneous and profound professional results just by home application. It has the maximum heat setting to 400°F and has an array of variation in the heat setting to suit whatever hair type to achieve any look the desire. This hair straightener allows excess water to vaporize after towel drying, thus saves the extra time and effort required for blow drying hair first.

Dry and Style approach by Steam Hydration Therapy:

Remington’s Wet2Straight straightening iron has implemented the highest of modern technology to provide optimal performance and maximum utility for your hair. This is because this straightener comes equipped with the modernized steam hydration therapy procedure that enables wet hair to simultaneously dry whilst straightening your hair. Heating up to 400 degree Fahrenheit, this straightener has special holes through which the heat releases that facilitates the vaporizing of excess water from your hair as they descend upon your hair.

This ceramic hair straightener is very beneficial for its customers as not only it is efficient and reliable, but it is actually very good for hair. This straightener manages to not over-dry hair, so it’s natural moisture is still intact, so your hair does not look dry and dead but rejuvenated and filled with moisture when it is straightened.


Set Temperature  according  to your Hair Type:

This wet2straight hair straightener is suitable for all hair types and enables its users to try out new style. It is very useful for  its wide variable heat temperature settings. The heat ranges from 300 to 400 degree Fahrenheit, thus users can choose the appropriate heat settings that is suitable for their hair. The digital display shows the users exactly how much heat is being used. The temperature  doesn’t accidentally change for its temperature lock. And if the user wants an extra burst of heat, this straightener provides it with its turbo boost option.

It comes equipped with wide 2 inch plates that help the users reach to the root of their hair with absolute ease. And it’s long plates help reach for wider sections of hair, thus making the process more time efficient. This straightener heats up in only 30 seconds, and features an auto shutoff after 60 minutes.


Heat Settings Direction:

Low Heat –   For colored, bleached or fine hair

Medium Heat –   For normal hair

Maximum Heat –  For coarse or thick hair


Findings from Customer’s opinion:

Customers, who have previously purchased this item online, have left their reviews in These reviews have been reanalyzed and reassembled to create this list and the findings have been given below:

  1. Less damaging to your hair: This straightener has little vents all throughout it’s plates that release the steam, so it will not damage to hair, but if the straightener is applied upon one strand of hair continuously and vigorously, it may damage the hair.
  2. Good performance: This straightener is everything it promised to be, acclaimed many of its customers who were astounded by its efficiency and reliability.
  3. Straight for a long time: This saves a lot of time doing 2 functions at once, and with that, also manages to keep the straight look for an elongated period of time.
  4. Durable: This is a very reliable straightener as many customers acclaimed that this straightener lasted for a very long time (4 years) additional to severe use. And each time it left unmanaged curly hair straight, soft and shiny.
  5. Hissing sound: Many customers were relieve to hear that hissing sound when they were at a hurry and needed their hair to be dried and straightened simultaneously. Through the hissing sound, they became sure of the fact that moisture is releasing through the vents and their hair is also being dried.

This straightener is very useful for regular use. Many customers were very pleased with this product, acclaiming it to be the best hair straightener.

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