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  1. Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer:

RUSK is considered one of the premium and absolute best of the salon brands because of the truly outstanding performance seen in all of its products. Rusk has transcended to the paramount of all hair products with Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer, weighing less than 1 pound, this dryer is easy to hold all day. This dryer is powerful in itself to accomplish all of the customer’s drying and styling needs. What’s more is that this dryer is facilitated by special ceramic and tourmaline, which steadily releases a rush of infra-red waves that penetrate to the maximum depths of hair to provide much more efficient drying as well as no such occurrence of static and frizz.


Special Features:

  1. This hair dryer is considered one of the most powerful hair dryer in context of styling hair, but also is lightweight.
  2. It is optimal for use with users of various size, length and type of hair.
  3. It is very efficient for coarse or thick hair where any application of heat product is difficult.
  4. infra-red heat settings is used to drastically reduce the amount of drying time.
  5. It is equipped with 7 heat settings to suit the quality of your hair.
  6. It possesses cool shot button.


Infused with Ceramic &Tourmaline:

Rusk w8less professional 2000 watt dryer is equipped with both elements of ceramic and tourmaline in its heat system. The ceramic emits a gentle heat to gently dry the hair with additional protection to heat. The tourmaline releases far infra-red waves and millions of negative ions that make the gush of heat much gentler on hair and the results are shiny, frizz free hair. It also enables hair to resist much higher levels of heat without having any real damage to hair whatsoever.

Negative and Far-infrared heat:

Negative ions produced by the tourmaline break down the water molecules attached to the hair whilst the Far-infrared heat penetrates deep into the roots of hair for absolute efficient drying in a short amount of time.


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  1. Jacking 2300 Watt Salon Professional Dryer:

Jacking is a well reputed hair brand that has obtained the standard certification of American ETL, European Union CE. It is a 2300W professional AC motor equipped with low radiation, strong wind provision, minimal sound projection, and is considered optimal for fast-drying and hair-protection and is most commonly used amongst professional hair dressers. This professional hair dryer possesses standardized constituents such as temperature controller,  thermal fuse and patented technology of unheated nozzle. This standardized technology allows you to not worry about keeping the dryer turned on because its inbuilt sensors turn it off after a considerable period of time.


Special Features:

  1. This professional hair dryer has inbuilt technology to keep moderate temperature at a steady 57° with heat balancing formula, which is superb for fast drying and complete hair protection.
  2. This has a vehement and also comfortable airflow for shaping hair, gentle to use but very useful.
  3. This powerful hair dryer gushes heat out vehemently, thus allowing hair to dry much faster, especially in winter.
  4. This would be considered as the best affordable hair dryer as it provides a 2 year warranty.
  5. It has a long wire that has the addition to meet demands of mobile use.


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  1. Nexxus Italian Motor Styling Tool:

The Nexxus Italian AC motor styling tool has transcended all standards of dryer technology with its ceramic titanium synergized technology. The Italian AC motor has the potential to dry hair 50% faster and provides moisture and rejuvenation to hair than any ordinary hair dryer. The titanium ceramic technology facilitates in emitting all infra-red heat rays to shield your hair against damage or aggravation. Standardized ionic technology facilitates in removing all the frizz and bringing forth a healthy beautiful shine to hair. This Nexxus hair dryer comes equipped with 2 heat and 3 speed settings to compliment the user’s hair and let them achieve any style they wish to acquire. Also comes included is  concentrator for pinpoint styling and also a diffuser for body, curls and waves. This also comes equipped with a cold shot button which provides a gush of cold air to set the style. Also includes a removable filter to extend motor life.



Special features:

  1. Titanium Ceramic technology strenuously provides even infrared heat to protect hair against any sort of heat damage.
  2. Italian AC motor to provide for 50% faster procedure time to dry hair and 3 times longer the durability of this dryer.
  3. Ionic technology efficiently eliminates 75% of the frizz produced from the dryer to revive hair of its natural silkiness and shininess.
  4. It includes a diffuser for body, curls and waves and also concentrator for pinpoint styling.
  5. 3 heat and 2 speed settings can be altered and customized according to the user’s
  6. This hair dryer provides a power of 1875 watts and current of 15.6 amps.
  7. It has an extra long professional quality line cord to assist in free movement.
  8. It has a locking cold shot to set the style of hair.

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  1. InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer:


The BLU turbo Ionic dryer has made an impeccable breakthrough in dryer technology as it has implemented state of the art standardized technology to provide this dryer with 2 times the velocity whilst also replenishing hair of its moisture and smoothness. This dryer has been equipped with high-power DC motor and Turbine Fan that works in synergy to provide airflow so strong to dry hair much faster than any conventional dryer. Unlike 2 heat settings found in most dryers, the BLU turbo Ionic dryer is equipped with an infinity dial that can range from a variety of heat settings which can be specifically adjusted to meet the user’s hair and styling requirements.


How is it really different from other dryers?


This dryer possesses Turbo Ionic and Infinity Airflow Technology which is  its specialty.

Turbo Ionic:
The BLU turbo Ionic dryer is an manifestation of the absolute best quality of dryer as it is the first of its kind that actually lets the user choose the amount of negative electrons that will accompany the airflow to maximize reduction of fizziness and provide the user with frizz free gorgeous hair.

Infinity Airflow Technology:

Much unlike conventional hair dryers that provides only 2 heat settings which doesn’t really compliments any user’s requirements, the BLU turbo Ionic dryer provides an infinity dial that can be altered whatever way wished to achieve the optimal style in any type of hair.

How to use:

Firstly, make sure you towel dry your hair as much as possible so your hair can absorb the maximum amount of moisture. Then turn on the hair dryer and set the heat settings to low, so that it facilitates in absorbing the excess amount of water in hair. Then turn the Infinity Airflow Dial all the way up while keeping the heat settings at low, maneuver the dryer to all parts of your hair, especially at the roots. So the airflow itself can dry the hair without the heat endangering your hair. When hair is about three quarter dry, turn down the Infinity Airflow Dial to low and turn the heat settings to high so the dryer can reach all the hard to reach spots with absolute precision.


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  1. Brookstone Ionic Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer:

Brookstone has implemented their ever so reputed technology into their newest addition which is best suitable for travellers in a hurry. This brilliant compact ionic hair dryer with dual voltage delivers the absolute superior performance at the input of half the power. This dryer has the provision of a large number of negative ions which is accompanied by the warm gush of air it vehemently provides that allows hair to eliminate frizz and become shiny and resplendent. This powerful hair dryer can switch from a voltage of 125V to 250V in the subtle flip of a switch. Unlike many other conventional dryer that promise to provide dual voltage facilitation, this portable hair dryer is absolutely true to its words and allow the usage of both voltages to set hair in it’s perfect form and accompany it with the cool shot button in the 250V mode.


Advantages of this Hair Dryer:

  1. This portable hair dryer has a good provision of negatively charged ions to greatly subdue damage provided to hair due to heat.
  2. Regular use of this dryer enhances the visual quality of hair; reduces frizz and maximizes shine and volume.
  3. This travel friendly hair dryer is portable and can fit into small spaces to be convenient for long term travelling.
  4. It provides 1875 watts, so hair dries at a much faster rate.
  5. True dual voltage settings ensure the transition from 125V to 250V.


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