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Remington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand:


Remington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand has surpassed the very means of curling iron technology with this newest addition. This device perseveres at great extends to provide soft shiny incandescent curls. This curling iron has been specially designed for the user to achieve optimal beautiful curls they’ve always desired. This professional wand has an advanced and standardized ceramic surface for smooth and shiny locks of curly hair. This brilliant curling wand comes equipped with a lot of constituents for the process to be the most pleasing for the customer; an easy-to-read digital controls to suit every type of user, the salon standard 410 degree Fahrenheit to enrapture magnificent curls that last for a prolonged period of time and the multi-functional tool that has been shaped as a cone for the user to have a variety of options that are easily accessible.

This effortless to use hair curling tool has been specifically designed to provide the user with beautiful gorgeous curls, regardless of the type of hair or length, the wand is working with. This hair styling product performs a very convenient function to provide the user with wrap-and-go curls with a sleek finish effortlessly and fast. The proper way to use it is to wrap the strand of hair in use around the barrel, let the wand diligently curl the strands and let the strands go, and be presented with beautiful curls.

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Beauty Benefits of the Professional Styling Wand:

*Affordable at a reasonable price.

* Easy and accessible function to be easy to use for everyone.

* Provides heat up to 410° Fahrenheit to provide salon style standard process.

*Functions brilliantly for all kinds of hair, regardless of the type and length.

*Works magnificently for both loose and tight curls.

This curling iron transcends any stray strand of hair to beautiful resplendent curls. Before starting the curling process, hair should be clean, dry and tangle free. Use a heat protective spray for maximum hair protection and begin curling hair starting with lower layers first.

Remington Curling wand at a Glance:

  • 410 degree high heat
  • 30 second heat up
  • 60 minute auto shutoff
  • Digital display/controls


Special Features:

1 inch to 1 and half Inch:

This curling wand provides convenient ceramic plate from 1 to 1 and half inches so wrap and go curls of all sizes and varieties are easily achievable.

30-second Heat:

This hair styling product  heats up at amazingly fast speed; precisely at just mere 30 seconds to provide the user with a faster and more convenient curling experience.

Salon high Heat:

This outstanding curling iron provides a high variety of heat to easily achieve salon standard flawless curls.

Auto Shutoff:

Alongside the on/off switch is an automatic shutoff switch that turns of after being on after 60 minutes to not burn and provide relieve to it’s users.


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The CI96WI is standardly equipped with an all-around coating of ceramic to ensure the even distribution of heat throughout the curling iron and to protect against the color fading.

This is a magnificent manifestation of an amazing curler that comes in a reasonable price. It is viewed as excellent alternative for high priced curling iron. This curling iron provides a variety of styles in the domain of curled hair; we can opt for loose curls as well as tight curls by adjoining hair to the end of the wand. This is a truly fantastic curling wand which provides wondrous results for all kinds of hair.




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