Benefits of coconut oil


Coconut oil is in itself an exemplary specimen amongst hair enhancing products. Its potency has no limits and can essentially, work wonder for one’s hair. It’s enriched with essential natural and botanical ingredients, extracted from inside part of coconut using organic method such as cold pressing. It results  purity and effectiveness. Not only does it provide a shiny attractive luster to the surface of the hair, but its operations dig much deeper to the roots.

Benefits of Coconut oil

It penetrates much deeper within the roots of the hair and nourishes it thoroughly by providing hair with all its essential nutrients. Because it is comprised mainly of smaller medium-chain fatty acids, the oil of the coconut penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners.  Coconut oil is used  as a leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturize your scalp and it adds a healthy glow to your tresses. Furthermore, massaging the hair oil leads to a thorough generation of blood flow and also a proper hydration that the hair ardently requires.

Benefits of Coconut oil

Coconut oil nourishes hair.

7 ways coconut oil can save your hair:

  1. Hair Conditioning:

Coconut oil does not only penetrate into the roots of the hair to generate further nourished hair, but it also enhances the condition of the hair at its current disposition.  As it is massaged to the hair, it acts its potency on the surface, or the cuticle of the hair and revitalize it completely; it smoothens and strengthens it. Because it is comprised mainly of smaller medium-chain fatty acids, the oil of the coconut penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners.  To use coconut oil as a leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturize your scalp, and add a luster to your hair, thus resulting smooth silky resplendent locks of hair after the wash.

  1. Protect hair from damage:

Continuous usage of hair drying and heating products along with many additional factors of the environment may have a harsh and detrimental effect on hair. Environmental factors, such as strong sun, temperature variations and changes in air humidity damage the hair cuticle. Because of this the hair changes its properties, it loses its shine and suppleness, becomes dry & brittle and in some cases its strength is impaired. The hair is mostly damaged by chemical and thermal processes and by excessive use of hair-styling products. Coconut hair oil nourishes hair from the very root and provides protection and progressive ascension to the general quality of air and makes it immune to such detrimental factors. It provides plethora of hydration and nutrients, so hair is not affected by damaging factors.

  1.  Detangle hair:

Hair is essentially more prone to being in a state of intense tangles than it is anything else. And because of being a daily and mundane problem, it isn’t handled with care and efficiency. And to speed up the process, hair is often pulled or strained against the comb. This may lead to immense hair loss amongst people as well as the condition of hair to progressively weaken. Coconut hair oil not only strengthens the scalp of hair, to immune itself from tearing apart that easily; but also transforms the condition of hair from tangled and rough to detangled and smooth as silk. So handling and managing hair becomes a much more easy and pleasant ordeal.

  1.  Hair growth:

Coconut oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids. It nourishes hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Use coconut oil as a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster.  The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. The sebum build up in the hair follicles restricts the growth of hair to a certain extent. And as coconut oil removes the existence of sebum and thoroughly nourishes hair, hair then can grow and flourish to its absolute extent.

  1.  Dandruff:

Dandruff itself has become an intense blooming problem amongst many people. Everybody desperately seeks for a solution to get rid of dandruff. An easy solution is again, the versatile coconut oil. If long-time use of chemical shampoos, conditioners, styling products, or colorants has left you with itchy, flaky, dandruff – you can use coconut oil to heal your scalp. As coconut oil is not only a hair nourishing instrument, it is also a hair cleanser; it cleanses hair off of all the dirt and grime as well as the presence of dandruff.


The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil for hair is effective to fight against candida that spreads on scalp.

    7.Sun damage:

Coconut oil makes an excellent all natural sunscreen.  More specifically in the morning – especially on a day when you know that your hair will be exposed to the elements more than usual. Because of the healing and nourishing properties of coconut oil, it creates an impenetrable boundary between the sun and hair cuticles and scalp to prevent any damage.

Coconut oil has been widely reputed for its brilliant performance in terms of enhancing the quality of hair. People all over the world use it frequently to maintain a fantastic condition of hair. Although, many questions haven risen and arise everyday regarding the function an authenticity of coconut hair oil. Some information regarding these frequently asked questions are given below.

1.Is virgin coconut oil good for your hair?

Coconut oil nourishes hair as well as boosts hair growth. It facilitates magnificently in the process of hair growth. As well as the present essential vitamins and fatty acids cleanse the scalp thoroughly and prevent sebum build up in the scalp which may detriment the procession of hair growth. The essential vitamins and nutrients penetrate deep into the scalp and nourish each and every hair follicles which its enriched nutrients. Thus, the highly nourished follicle is the encouraged to surpass its velocity to which it grows, resulting longer hair achieved in less amount of time.

2.How long do you need to keep coconut oil in your hair?

You can use coconut oil  for sharpened treatment and thorough conditioning for your hair. Coconut oil can be easily washed away once hair itself is washed. Therefore,  You can massage coconut oil in scalp  for minimum 10 minutes. But it is highly recommended to keep for 30 to 40 minutes. That would initially result in a much thorough and deep cleanse and conditioning.

3. What can you mix with coconut oil to get smooth hair?

People use coconut oil in natural hair recipe to cleanse and moisturize. Mix with lavender oil, tea tree oil and raw honey for best results.

  • In a bowl, mix equal amount of coconut oil and raw honey oil.
  • Heat it in the stove or oven for it to become warm and work more efficiently.
  • Mix the solution thoroughly and apply to scalp; wrap around in a shower cap and wait for 40 minutes.
  • Rinse hair gently with warm water; wash hair with natural shampoo thoroughly and gently towel dry.
  • Repeat this procedure at least 2 times a week.

4. Is coconut oil good for hair and scalp?

As a moisturizer, coconut oil can help strengthen hair while helping hair to retain moisture. It stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles. Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair. It adds luster, shine and softness to the hair. This oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length. Coconut oil slows down hair loss.

5. How do you use coconut oil on your hair?

Massage the coconut oil thoroughly. Make sure the coconut oil is even distributed throughout the hair. Longer hair may require an additional amount of coconut oil. You can apply coconut oil in damp hair as then to smoothly distribute all throughout the hair.

Keep hair oil for 20 to 30 minutes and if possible, overnight. And then gently rinse hair with natural shampoo and celebrate the outstanding results provided by the hair oil.

6. Do you apply coconut oil to wet or dry hair?

You can apply coconut oil  in both hair conditions but it will be better to use in a slightly damp condition. Slight moisture in the hair can make hair smoother and an help equalize the distribution of coconut oil all throughout the hair.

7. What kind of coconut oil should you use on your hair?

You should use completely pure coconut oil.It  ensures no detriments towards the skin or hair. Thus, the oil must always be virgin and unrefined to ensure the best results.

8. Is coconut oil good for your hair growth?

Coconut oil possesses various nutrients and vitamins which are essential for hair growth. Hair, in its mundane condition is dry and brittle and devoid of moisture. Coconut oil registers the amount of moisture in the hair follicles, which is essential and promotes hair growth. Furthermore, it’s essential vitamins and fatty acids to prevent sebum build up in the scalp which may result in an obstruction to hair growth. As well as, once hair oil is massaged in the scalp, it generates immense blood circulation, another key element for hair growth.




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